My girlfriend posed a question to me the yesterday or day before in regard to us meeting in the astral world. We have interacted with each other at least 3 times intimately and yet there is a 3 hour time difference between us. She in Calif and me in Florida, I told her that time and space are irrelevant in that realm. Even though she is behind me by 3 hours we are able to still meet due to the fact that time and space has no meaning in that realm. What is the thoughts in regard to this?

I also wanted to add that Im the dominant one and outside of not so much remembering as much as seeing one thing here or there, or a aching chest due to he punching me in it astrally, I don't remember the astral interactions we have but yet she remembers every detail. I said since I was the dominant one and she was the submissive one she remembers the details that I wouldn't. I also said it may be like when a sport teams loses they remember every single detail of it while the winning team doesn't really pay attention to those details.

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Interesting question. In my own experience I have to answer that time and space is relevant AND it is not. I can effect time, both with spells and on the astral. If it is NOT relevant, then how come I can go back in time on the astral plane?? Although, it is not possible to change events. I have tried, just to see if it could be done. Ended up back in my body, and wide awake. I assume that the powers that be don't want this to happen.

No they have no real bearing, and the only real limits are those your mind places on you, or you place on yourself. She may be better attuned to her spirituality then you are thus why she is better able to remember. Also being three hours apart doesn't mean anything at all, that is more about distance then time, cause its all still in the same frame of time, just in a different location. Also as for her remembering better, for the most part your energy is flowing to her more than hers to you, basic male female interaction, specially being in an intimate setting. 

For me, I never remember much of anything anyways, so not remembering the details of an encounter doesn't mean much to me. I'm also generally too focused on just making sure the connection stays strong and just lets my subconscious do all the work. And to a degree one part or another of my subconscious tends to always be projected out doing something or another. Its all about perception really.

As for trying to mess with events that have already happened or are supposed to happen, it could be painful trying to mess with them, and is advisable to avoid doing so.

I believe that there is a passage of something like time in the astral plane, but it doesn't act very much like time does in the regular world. It seems to move considerably slower, but if you spend enough "time" in the astral plane you will begin to sense that even there some "time" has passed. I haven't had much experience in manipulating the past or future when it comes to astral, but i would imagine that it's efficacy would be dependent on the strength of your will.


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