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The Neverending Journey.

I don't know if this is actual astral projection or something similar. I haven't really read anything about the subject before I came to th…

Started by Simon Wilson

0 Dec 15, 2011

how do i get out

how do i separate from my body i can meditate pretty deeply but ive never bean able to project

Started by william moats

2 Aug 12, 2011
Reply by R.Strom

What are the best gems/crystals i should have to help with astral projection

Ive been trying to astral project for a long time now and Ive been getting real close. I really want to know which gems/crystals can help m…

Started by Chucky Soffer

2 Jul 4, 2011
Reply by Woodsong Lorn

The whoosh feeling

I need some views on an experience I had awhile back.Before I went to bed, I wanted to meditate, and try to astral project.( I've been off…

Started by Samarial

1 Nov 19, 2010
Reply by Sharonna Avalon

Before you ride the broom

Before you try astral projection for the first time, there are certain things you should know. 1. We live in a proof driven society and it…

Started by Lightwolf

2 Nov 27, 2009
Reply by Lightwolf

New to Astral Projection. Could use help!

I have been wanting to try Astral Projection for quiet some time. I meditate and focus on objects, I can't seem to get to the vibration sta…

Started by Tstar

1 Aug 22, 2009
Reply by Mark

Astral Projection and Your Sign

Do you think that your sign effects your ability to project? As a Virgo and Earth sign I have alot of difficulty and was wondering if there…

Started by ShadowDancer

9 Jun 8, 2009
Reply by Mark

Loquat it gives you a lift!

Here is my experience with OBE I was 35 and at the time working at a homeless shelter for women and children. I already was diagnosed with…

Started by goodrobn47

0 May 2, 2009

Has anyone used Crystals or minnerals to astral travel?

hi freinds of the travleing sort. i am into crystals and minerals and have found a few that promote astral travel and was wandering if any…

Started by apachestone

20 May 1, 2009
Reply by Gwydion Dragonfyre

astro travle or eathric travle or remote veiwing?

i have a Q! ok can you tell me the diffrance between astro travel and ethric travel and can one remote veiw when in this state? i thought a…

Started by apachestone

5 Mar 22, 2009


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