I thought it would be interesting to learn a little more about the effect of certain asteroids in my birth chart. I learned I have the Asteroid Hekate in Taurus in my 11th house. As a devote of Hekate it would be great to know what effect this asteroid has in my chart, but I'm having difficulty interpreting this. I've been looking all over for more info about this asteroid but I can't find anything about it's effect through the houses or the zodiac. Lots of info on Cheron but not so much on Hekate. Any one have any ideas or suggestions?? 

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I've wondered about some asteroids as well when I did my chart - since I found about as much as you - I think it's all up to personal interpretation for the time being.  I would certainly help out more if I could.

I have found it most helpful for the more obscure asteroids to just learn or know the mythologies that surround the asteroid you wish to know about, which in your case you already know stuff.  Think about the sign it is in, and the house placement (and if it is on an angle, i.e. the ascendant or midheaven as an example) - and if there are any harmonious or challenging aspects.  Years ago, I learned that the asteroid Circe completed a troublesome Tsquare I had and made it a Grand Cross (fixed signs too).  While a Grand Cross is hard enough, a Tsquare is quite a bit more difficult to express - and learning about Circe helped me implement that energy and give it a place to express a lot better in my life, despite the tension.  I did it through crafting at the time, and sometimes through singing - which both could relate to Taurus earth energies where Circe was placed (the missing "leg" of the Tsquare if you will).  It really helped.



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