So how are your classes this semester? Hate it? Love it? Still wish it was summer? I'm new to the group so I would love to get to know everyone :)


I'm taking mostly upper GEs, so they have nothing to do with my major, but I still like them... so far.


My classes:


Pagan Culture (about Greek gods, with the focus on dionysus)


Comic Spirit (comedy in Lit. throughout history... harder then it sounds)


American Religious Diversity (I love my teacher so far)


Physics (Bleh... the only class that I need for my major this sem)

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My classes don't start until Sept.20th. These are all online classes at Ocean Seminary College, an online seminary. I'm signed up for I-Ching Mastery, Runes 5 (for my Divination certificate), Foundations in Counseling (not for any major, just to see if I like counseling and to learn more about it). I'm also finishing up Religion in Prehistory (independent study) and continuing work on my Shamanism stuff. OK, I'm getting tired now, might have to go take a nap! :)

I'm a bio major and physics is required too. >< GAH! I don't like it, but I have to take it... ::sigh::
Undeclared major right now. Only taking Japanese 101 and Astronomy. I still go to school almost every day of the week, which sucks... I started Monday.


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