I have wondered (especially since I'm transferring to a University where I will have to live in the dorms) how exactly do you handle dorm life? I myself won't have to worry about hiding things from my roommate because she and I are friends and she's very interested in Paganism but how do others that aren't quite so fortunate handle that? How do you get around the no candles, incense, and other flammables rule, and how do you go about celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats without other people hurling eggs or holy water at you and hiding behind a cross? I've studied Paganism for going on technically 6 years and I have been blessed with not having to hide my practices from any of my family members. I've had to work around the incense thing because my dad is allergic to certain scents but I've always been able to store my supplies here in the house and use them outside. Now in the dorms we aren't even allowed to have candles at all... How do the rest of you guys cope with the dilemmas of living in the dorms with some of their more restrictive rules?

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I live in the on-campus apt.'s but the rules are the same for both dorms and apt. I get away with candles and incenses because my roommates really don't care. Celebrations are really limited but i tend to do really simple rituals on my alter, on top of my dresser. If you don't want to have candles, colored flowers work just the same, minus the fire element, plus then when the flower wilts and dies, you can offer it back to nature in a park or something. I find that it works quite well. My roommates are really respectful of my practices and sometimes come to me and ask for snow day's during the winter. lol

You can bend the rules a little bit, and protection sachets and talismans to their part too!!!!!

If all else fails look into the Religion Protection act of 1979, I think that's what it's called. The head of our GLBT services told me that if the RA's ever came and said they would right me up for any of my things, ie, candles, incenses, skulls, or atheme, i can call on that and be pretty safe but i'd look into it and make sure you know everything about the act before you go claiming it.

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Blessed Be the Journey
Thanks guys that's really helpful. See at the school I'm going to be going to they don't even allow us to have candles in our room even if they are wickless because supposedly it's a fire safety thing. I've considered only staying in the dorm this one semester and finding an off campus rent house or something... preferrably not an apartment but if that's what I gotta do that's what I gotta do lol... Thank u guys so much for ur information and I'll definitely look into that protection act u were talking about Wolvesdream.

Brightest Blessings!

I know this topic is old, but I'm reviving it since I'm moving into a dorm room on Saturday. 


I'm not allowed to have candles or incense in the rooms either, but I can have wickless candles, battery operated candles, or unburned ones for decoration. 


I'll probably bring those things with me anyhow and when I need them for spells or ritual, I can find a secluded spot outside perhaps. 


Luckily, my campus has a Pagan Alliance so I'm sure they'll have some ideas.


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