Hello everyone. I just moved to CO from Ohio. So far I love it here! I'm wondering if there are any Asatru Kindreds near the Boulder area as I have not been able to find any via the internet yet. Any help would be appreciated =)

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      I have just started to study Asatru, can you give me any pointers or good places to get references for good accurate information to study from?  I'm from Boulder

I realize this is an older post, but for anyone who's looking for Asatru meetups in Boulder and Colorado generally, you should check out theasatrucommunity.org. TAC is an organization that exists to connect heathens/asatruar/etc. with other practitioners in their area. I'm the new ambassador for Colorado (also located in Boulder!) and I'm going to start organizing meetups and such in the next month or so. You can join TAC (for free) at the link above and get automatic updates on Colorado and online events. You can also email me directly at kaiti.tac@outlook.com.

You don't have to be a TAC member to participate in any event, it just makes it easier to contact you if we have something going on and gives you access to some additional resources. 


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