I've been here a year now, and I haven't really had a chance to start exploring the state yet, but I'ld like to.


Obviously much of the entire state is a tribute to the power and beauty of the gods! I can see the Spanish Peaks from my window, and I know they were once called "the Breasts of the Goddess."


My own land is a sheltered valley, amazing in its capacity for life. Even during the drought, everything was growing vigorously. And we have wild turkeys, elk, deer and rabbits crossing our land at regular intervals, not to mention many birds and the occasional bear, bobcat or cougar.


But I'm sure there are special places I should probably check out. Nexuses, metaphysical communities, haunted locations, ancient sites like Mesa Verde, natural wonders like Garden of the Gods, and the dinosaur sites up near Denver. Etc.


What places do you know of or recommend?




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Herbs & Arts on colfax love it there!

The Roaring Fork Valley - Carbondale in particular - has a lot of earth/water energy.  It's a very peaceful and accepting place, as well.  :)

I grew up in that area. If you can get away from the new areas, then it is better. For some reason, the new steas do not feel right.

Greenhorn Mountain (in the Wet Mountains) is really quite beautiful and peaceful, as is San Isabel. The natural waterslides in San Isabel are amazing--for fun and for cleansing.

Rifle Falls is a beautiful place.

The top of Independence pass in the summer. Between Aspen and Leadville is awe inspiring. I really want to go back again. 


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