Hi my name is Drew and I would like to say hello to everyone here.  The origins of my faith are Asatru, but I am open to all forms of spiritual practice.  I live in Martinsville and I want to form a group of about 6-10 in the southern area.  Each member must have some sort of skill or knowledge to offer the group.  For example, I am a rookie herbalist and runester.  Other skills could be things like making clothes, and ranchers that want to join who would want to provide wholesome food for the group, hunters, weaving, healing, etc.  Members of any faith are welcome and from any background.  The purpose of the group will be to honor the seasons (the sabbats, Eostre, Equinox, or what have you), to develop a nice collection of practical knowledge (to put our heads together), and also to provide healing services to each other.  As a group we could come up with different projects to work on that could be geared towards improving ourselves, our community, or even the world.  If we ban together then we can make a difference.  Contact me if you want to help me make this a reality.  (drew_berggren@yahoo.com)

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Do you work at subway? :o

Is anyone Still on this Forum?


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