Greetings! Here's another topic I find interesting, working with crystal wands. I initially discovered them on Ebay a few years ago, up to that point the only ones I had were very small (about 2 ins in length) and really had no idea of how to work with them. I found two very good books on Amazon, one is called. 'Gemstone Reflexology' by Nora Kircher and the other was 'Crystal Wands for Healing, massage and Reflexology' by a German guy, Ewald Kliegel. Since I have a massage therapy background I was intrigued. I've always been interested in working with crystals and acupuncture points and could not believe that there were actual books on this. Both books are very slim but are packed with pictures, crystal info on which wands work best for certain conditions, and where to place the wands on the body for acupuncture or reflexology work. 

I have many crystal wands now,  most of them are between 4 and 5 ins long. Some are rounded at the top, some are pointed. Will post a pic of them when I return home. Has anyone ever worked with crystal wands in any way? The quality of my wands are very good, there were several reputable vendors on Ebay even a few from China that presented very good quality wands. Some of mine include Rose quartz, blood stone, Jasper, lepidolite ,green quartz, jade, moss agate, selenite, fluorite, Lapsi Lazuli, sodalite ,and  black obsidian to name a few. I even found  a few rose quartz wands with fluorite tips......

You don't have to us them for acupuncture or reflexology, you can simply rub them on the body as well. Thought I would put out this discussion in case there are any of you that have been thinking about how to use crystal wands, especially health wise....

Hugs, Ianna:)

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I also have a celentine wand among a few others (fluorite, lithium quarts, clear double point & hematite ) although I have only used the celentine for muscle spasms & the lithium for meditaion, I sooo much appreciate the information my dear sisters. I am in need of auric cleansing. And with the surgeries I've had I'm deffenetly going to check out the acupressure points. Thank you, and blessed be!

You know Dione, I had a 5 in large fluorite wand that I had been keeping under my bed in a small box. It was very thick, like more than an inch in diameter......I had not touched it for a few months. My intuition one day said to take it out and work work with it. I was totally shocked. The wand was cut in half. I'm not talking about it being smashed as if it had been dropped on the floor (had carpeting anyway) but the cut was clean. Like a lazer had sliced it in half. To this day I don't know what happened......I had a ton of other fluorite and other crystals in the room, nothing else was touched and my room mate had been out of the country during this time so I was alone. I was able to super glue it back together, but have not worked with it since. Lithium is also great for depression/mood swings, that's how we get the drug 'lithium'......Thanks for your post, Blessings, Ianna:)

Helen, by chance are you chronically dehydrated? Like, do you drink more soda than clear water? I ask only because I'm a message therapist with a medical background, and chronic dehydration typically shows itself with cramps to legs and hands. Another possibility is that you have a serious lack of magnesium or calcium. Just asking, just sounds like you might have a pathological reason for your cramping...Hugs, Ianna:)

Hi Ianna, no I am not dehydrated. I also rarely get cramp in muscly areas, 9/10 it will be in my fingers or toes - toes mainly. I also suffer most in the cold wet months when it seems like I do not have enough blood to circulate. I am anaemic - I had a blood transfusion years ago (I needed 5 pints) and I have been told I will have to take iron tablets until I reach the menopause. magnesium deficiency may be a possibility - I will look into it but I would be seriously surprised if it was a calcium deficiency... But just cos I have a lot of dairy does not

necessarily mean I am absorbing it... hmmm thinking now!

Hey Helen-So you're anemic....I highly suggest you take a tablespoon of Black Strap Molasses once a week. Make sure it's Black Strap, it has the highest amount of iron, magnesium and another mineral I can't off hand remember and the body easily absorbs it. Not everyone's stomach absorbs all of the iron in an iron pill....By chance do you have Thalsemia anemia? It's a long shot and is most often seen in the Mediterranean and this is the most serious form because with this the body does not absorb any iron. At least try the molasses.....let me know, hugs, Ianna:)

Hi Ianna, thank you for that suggestion - I shall have a look online and see what I can find regarding molasses. I do not have trouble absorbing iron which is a blessing. I worked with a colleague who couldn't absorb it - she could have an iron sandwich and not abosorb a molecule of it so she had injections every 3 months - she was like a limp rag the couple of weeks before her injections and then she could climb mountains in the month after and then she would slow down like a slow puncture for the last 6 weeks or so - quite horrible to watch.

I shall let you know about the molasses :)

Hey Tammy! That's great that you place a crystal point on the top of your head, I usually use a single terminated crystal that points away from my head. For me, since I'm using crystals placed on my chakras, it works well to pull out any extra unneeded energy from the body.....Way to go! Hugs, Ianna:)

i like to sing into the consciousness of a crystal as i am working with it. have you considered doing this together with your crystal healing/acupuncture point methods?


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