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Transgender deities?

So during my practice and reading about various mythologies and cultures, I've come across a complete lack of transgender representation. T…

Started by Mafinelendrane

10 Jun 6, 2018
Reply by Snowflake

Moon Gods and Goddesses

Moon Gods and Goddesses To those of us in the West, the most familiar deities of the moon are female -- moon goddesses. Our word lunar, a…

Started by EcoWitch

16 Apr 8, 2018
Reply by helela

Is there a right or wrong way to give devotion or honor to the god or goddess?

I just wonder if it can be what ever we feel is right, because there are so many different ways for everyone that seems to be the "right" w…

Started by Crystal Wolfclaw

2 Apr 7, 2018
Reply by Kyria Daimona

Is there a way for a god/goddess to choose you?

There are so many. So much to read. How do you even choose your goddess? Do you just choose which one you like the most? Is there some for…

Started by Santita

10 Mar 26, 2018
Reply by C S

Trying to Identify a God?

I am looking to name a God that is dark in nature but not evil, ancient, powerful and willing to help those who ask. I assume there are man…

Started by Selkieborn

4 Sep 30, 2017
Reply by Noah C.

What exactly can the gods do?

If the gods from all the various pantheons do exist, exactly how powerful are they? And to what extent can they effect the world?

Started by Jordan Elmore

1 Sep 27, 2017
Reply by Rev JP Vanir

The Charge of the God and Goddess

The Charge of the Goddess Now listen to the words of the Great Mother, who was of old also called among men Artemis, Astarte, Athene, Di…

Started by EcoWitch

3 Aug 31, 2017
Reply by Jason Michael Pertabsingh

How would I be able to call upon a goddess?

Hi! I'm new here, I would like to call on the Morrigan, but am new to this and could use some guidance please. Are there any deep specifics…

Started by Chakra Bree Samhainmoon

2 Apr 28, 2017
Reply by Chakra Bree Samhainmoon


(INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS) WIND ( Iji tabi Ategun Lile):~ If you have a dream that a very strong wind is blowing over you, and if its dist…

Started by ifayemi alabi

0 Feb 2, 2017

How are the Gods in Shintoism worshiped?

How is each deity in the Shinto pantheon worshiped?

Started by Jordan Elmore

3 Dec 7, 2016
Reply by Zaria Acacia


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