I have a question regarding working with deities.

How do you go about STARTING working with a deity that you haven't worked with yet?

Do you pray to him/her? Do you leave them an offering first, telling them that you wish to work with them in the future?


I've been drawn to work with the Celtic Morrigan and I really want to, but I've never worked with her before. I just don't know how to START off with her.

I really wanted to do a ritual for the dark moon with her, although that's only tomorrow night so I'm not really sure if I've left planning anything to the absolute last minute.


Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated :)

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I'd be interested in a reply to this too, if anyone has experience. I'm doing a lot of reading around some Celtic goddesses, but that doesn't always give much indication of how they were worshipped.

I would suggest first, if you don't know much about anyone you want to work with that you familiarize yourself with their mythologies, their stories, the cultures they come from, etc. I have done this in the past in addition to meditating on them. Because meditation might offer a clearer view of what it is that you are attracted to in them, if it isn't on the tip of your brain. If you had an idea that you wanted to work with someone like Morrigan because you view her as a dark goddess, meditation and research both may offer greater insight into whether she is someone you feel comfortable working with or if there isn't another deity who is similar that might be a better contact for those qualities/characteristics you're called to at a given time.

After that I would suggest anything that feels personal to you would serve as a good offering. Or if you prefer to be more academic in your approach, do your homework and find out what she likes. Prayers included. I have done this with other deities, and the outcome has not always been successful. I think sometimes we approach deities before it is time for us to work with them, if its time at all. If that's the case don't let it get you down. I would definitely suggest talking to them. Showing them that you're not afraid to open the channels of communication.

I have found that the best way is to ask the entire Deity Community which ones need to work with you. Then they will come to you in dreams ect and tell you themselves how they want you specifically to worship them.

How would you go about doing that? I havent had a "calling" yet and ive tried asking before sleep but nothing sticks out to me. im quiet lost and i dont know where to start

A small altar with general offerings can help. Simply state it's for an god/goddess willing to come work with you or you can leave it for a specfic god/goddess and see if they come around. I make offerings to Freya when I work with my runes and it eventually led to some contact. 

So awhile back I was browsing around on youtube and I happened to come upon a lady who works with the Morrigan and says she has asked her to give out the message about what the Morrigan looks for when it comes to someone working with a deity. She says that she chooses strong people, which makes sense for being the goddess of war and death, being of a warrior in a way. If I can find the page ill put it on here, I have wanted to look more into it because she stands out to me and its a bit devastating to think I might not be chosen because of how I am. Any thoughts to this?

This belief does not sit well with me. Who is to say what one's strengths someone has or does not? In my experience, like attracts like, I would set up an altar dedicated to her, sit in meditation consistently, asking her to accept you and open communication with her even ask for a sign that she has heard you. As someone else posted I would also read up on her as much as possible. Deities in my opinion can choose you but you can also choose them if you are sincere and clear on why you want to have them in your life and continue to keep them energetically alive with you by communicating and honoring them both in ritual, words, offerings and meditational devotionals. 

Hope by now you have made contact. If not and you are still interested in the Morrigan, just stay consistent. Blessings, Ianna:)

I also agree that this belief does not sit well with me. I have worked with the Morrigan on several occasions, and the only thing i can say is that she chooses those who are in need of her strength. Most likely if you feel drawn to her then you are also in need of her strengths. Persistence would be key to making contact with any deity, as I believe you must first prove that you need them, and are willing to accept everything that they have to offer.

I second this notion- and from my understanding, a particular deity will come to you if a lesson needs to be learned. What kind of information are you wanting to learn? What will you gain, if you speak with the Morrigan? (Questions to ask yourself, there's no need to answer!)

But I understand the frustration; I've been wondering the same myself towards this particular Goddess, as well as a couple of other Gods/Goddesses.

@Denise - good luck with your journey, do keep us posted!

@Ianna- thank you for sharing your insight!

Be well.


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