There are so many. So much to read. How do you even choose your goddess? Do you just choose which one you like the most?

Is there some form of prayer or ritual where the god/goddess that matches you will come forward and show you themselves?

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I often ask people Santita, 'what are your goals, what do you want to achieve' as a pagan, and quite often they tell me they don't know. How do you know what to study, what tradition to follow, or what God or Goddess you relate to if you have non?

I was drawn to Glastonbury Tor, in Somerset England in my late teens, and I found the Minoan Labyrinth, which I spent the next thirty odd years trying to understand why it was there, so for me it was chosen for me, but it did kind of fit into what I was looking for in my goals and ambitions.

As a Modern Minoan Pagan, I would suggest you focus on the Goddess (such as the Snake Goddess, and her attributes) within you, tell her everything, your joys and your problems and listen to what she has to say to you.

Mine chose me years ago. As I read more about them I realized we have a lot in common. I guess for me it's a feeling I get when I work with them. 

Hello Santita, there are different ways to choose a patron deity. For example, just reading and deciding which one you like more, but there are other ways. One of them is reading signals in your life, any thing that you see that surprises you and you think that could be some kind of signal from the Gods, could possibly pointing you in the direction of your deity (for example, imagine you are walking a grey street in a grey city and suddenly you see a beautiful, colourful flower in the middle of the street, that surprises you because it's not supposed to be there; well, you can examine it, look out which kind of flower it is and if it's a symbol that represents a particular deity, and if it is, maybe it was a signal that the perfect deity fot you is that one).

I personally did a simple ritual to find my deity, even knowing from the very beginning that my favourite Gods are the celtics, I didn't know which particular one was meant to be my patron, so I found a ritual in a book and I performed it. It consists only in visualization. Basically, you relax, meditate, focus and start visualizing yourself walking a path. You let yourself go and don't think too much about waht you want to see, just let the images come freely to your head. The path you are walking could be a path in the forest, or a road, or a corridor in a house, whatever you feel like as long as it's a long way to walk. In a certain moment, you cross some kind of door and then find a bifurcation in the way, so you have to choose going to left or to right. You continue walking calmly and examine every detail you see in your march. The moment you see some object that surprises you and it's not usual to be found in this place, you pick it, it's a signal. And sooner or later you will find someone who approaches you and gives you some other object. That is your deity, you can ask them whatever you need to know and talk to them freely. Then, when you come back to the waking world, think about the objects you have picked up and the looks of the person who has approached you, search the internet or your books and try to find out which deity these things represent.

In my case, I saw a blonde woman dressed in green who gave me a wooden horse figurine and a bluebell flower. Later I found out the bluebell is a symbol of fairies and I don't know what this could mean, but the horse is the symbol of Rhiannon, so I decided that she should be my patron Goddess.

Anyway, that doesn't mean that you should worship only this deity. You can talk to different gods and goddesses depending on the situation, depending on the ritual you need to perform in every occasion. But if you want to have a personal deity that you can always go to, this is a good way to find it.

Hope it's been helpful for you, blessed be. :)

You just have to do your research and decide which ones fit you

I've had various gods/goddesses come to me ,from different pantheons...I'm an eclectic though...i've also meditated on it and them come to me that way..

The God^s or Goddess choose you " or what God^s or Goddess  you choose" still you will Know " or Hear I dit...My Gods Are the Egyptians God^s I

Mine came through an unexpected drawdown and was like, "HEY HERE I AM". I learned most of the time they pick you when they pick you, but calling to them does not hurt either. You learn about each other and find which fit each other best.

Absolutely. Less than half a year ago I was a total atheist, more than a skeptic because if you asked me I'd have foolishly told you I knew there was no such thing as magick and the supernatural and deities. And then exactly this happened. It's not only possible but I think it happens more than we might suspect. One might be tempted to think they're special when a deity descends on him out of the billions in the world but quite the opposite, I know I'm a rather typical fellow. I think it happens every day even, and I've definitely noticed that deities are active in our lives in other ways, ways we might never realize.


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