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Moon Gods and Goddesses

To those of us in the West, the most familiar deities of the moon are female -- moon goddesses. Our word lunar, as in the lunar cycle of full, crescent, and new moons, comes from the feminine Latin Luna. This seems natural because of the association of the lunar month and the female menstrual cycle, but not all societies envision the moon as a woman. Here are some of the moon gods and moon goddesses of major ancient religions.

1. Artemis
Nationality: Greek
Moon Goddess
In Greek mythology, the sun god was originally Helios (whence words like heliocentric for our sun-centered solar system) and the moon goddess Selene, but over time, this changed. Artemis and Selene, just like Apollo and Helios, came to be associated. Apollo became a sun god and Artemis became the goddess of the moon.

2. Coyolxauhqui
Nationality: Aztec
Moon Goddess
Coyolxauhqui means "Golden Bells." Coyolxauhqui is the sister of the Sun god, Huitzilopochtli.

3. Diana
Nationality: Roman
Moon Goddess

4. Heng-O
Nationality: Chinese
Moon Goddess
Heng-O was the mother of the 12 moons and 10 suns.

5. Ix Chel
Nationality: Maya
Moon Goddess
Lady Rainbow was a Maya old woman moon goddess.

6. Khons
Nationality: Egyptian
Moon God
Amen's consort was Mut. Together they had a son, Khons the moon god.

7. Mawu
Nationality: African, Dahomey
Moon Goddess
Also spelled Maou. Female.

8. Selene or Luna
Nationality: Greek
Luna in Latin.
Moon Goddess
Actually, moon Titan (Titaness) daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Thea. Selene is the sister of the sun god Helios.

9. Sin/Nanna
Nationality: Sumerian
Moon god.

10. Soma
Nationality: Hindu
Moon God
A moon god in India.

11. Tsuki-Yomi
Nationality: Japanese
Moon God
A Shinto moon god.

12. Yarikh
Nationality: Ugarit
Moon God
Yarikh or Yarih was the lover of Nikkal - a Sumerian sun goddess.

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Khons Amun and Muts son in the new Kingdom existed also in the old kingdoms as a Lunar God as well. Also known as Khonsu
Another Moon God is Mani from Norse lore, He is brother to the Sun (Sol) who is Feminine... They are both chased by Wolves...
There is evidence that Luna was viewed as a male deity in the Graeco-Egyptian era as well. I have found a great invocation to the moon from that period which I use in my Luna rituals. This comes from the "Greek Magical Papyri" edited by Hans Dieter Betz. Although short, in ritual it should be chanted 9 times (nb: 9 = the number of the Moon) to achieve the proper effect.

For thou art the Moon, the chief of the stars,
He that did form them.
Listen to the things that I have said,
Follow the words of my mouth,
Reveal thyself to me,
This is my correct name.

More planetary spells here:
omg. thank you for posting this. i was wondering who all of the different moon deities were.

This is wonderful Eco-Witch!  Thanks for posting it for us.  Big Hugs, Rissa


African,South American, Caribbean

Mother Moon Goddess

Creater of all life

Mistress of the waters

"Mama wata"


Although said to be a sun-goddess, Al-Lat is thought to be a moon-goddess (also/or).

Manat is also thought to be of the moon, being a dark goddess.

Hekate is also a Moon Goddess and so is Bendis. Bendis being Thrakian, some think her Artemis, some say Hekate, others say Selene. I consider her to be Artemis as I also consider Artemis to be Diana since there is enough evidence for me personally to make that claim.


I enjoyed it too. Thank you for posting this :)


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