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Im sorry that I have been absent from the group for awhile, there is a lot going on in my life right now! But anyways, I want to get some insight from you all on something that has been going on with my cousin. She has told me in the past that she has had very vivid dreams of mass shootings. She said that a few weeks after her dream, the event actually occurred and was shown on the news. In her dreams, she actually can pick out details of the environment, where it is happening and the people involved. The first time she told me this, I did believe her, because she is not one to make things up, but I was still skeptical. A couple of weeks ago she called me saying that she had another dream of a school shooting that was going to take place in columbine. She could remember details of the victims and the school where it happened. About a week ago she called me again freaking out because they were showing on the news that there was a planned and attempted school shooting, that was luckily stopped before anyone was hurt. The location of said event is the same as what my cousin saw in her dream. So it is safe to say, I think, that she is predicting fatal events before they happen. She expressed that she feels she needs to do something about this, and even mentioned speaking to the government about it. Although her dreams are accurate, I do not see the government taking her seriously. I suggested she see a psychic and get some more information. She is concerned and upset because she doesn't want to keep having these dreams and not be able to do anything to prevent it from happening in reality. I completely understand her fear and frustration. That is scary and a huge burden if there is no solution! I need opinions. What do you guys think she should do about this? 

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There is not much she can do in my opinion.

I know:/ It sucks.


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