anyone attending the paralounge drum festival this weekend in florida? i couldn't make it out to the last one, but i'm pretty psyched about this one.


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I wish that I could be there. I have been dying to attend that event for the past year or two. I have several friends who attend it twice a year. It is always held in such close proximity to FPG that I am never able to take both weekends off. This Samhain I am not even able to make it up to FPG, due to finances and class schedule. One day, when I am out of school, I will have a job that will allow me to take that kind of time off.

I hope that you have a great time, and please post a write up of the event so that others on this group can hear about what a great event it is. I know that people from all over the country attend, and that there are a variety of workshops that one can attend, as well as performances and 'round the clock circles.


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