The drum is a sacred instrument. How do YOU use it as your magickal tool? What are your perceptions of its magickal associations (i.e. elemental, gender, archetypal, connections with specific deity)? How do you incorporate it into your magickal practice? Let's share our thoughts.

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I believe that drums are healing instruments, and those that play drums are healers. I am not talking "you have cancer I will drum it away" healing, but "you have cancer and we are all going to drum and bring the healing spirits to you and we will help you and your shaman or healers to heal you" type of healing. I know that since I have begun drumming regularly, that my fibromyalgia is much better than it was, and I have a much more open heart and open mind because of the energy that is raised just by the simple act of hand touching skin. These are some of my thoughts. I would love to share more.
The drum IS sacred and IS a magickal tool.
It has never not been this way for me. I do not understand secular viewpoints,
they are like trying to eat a plate for dinner.

and bright showers of peaceful petals...
rose petals for the heart
and bright showers for the pleasure!

Im still very new to the drum.  What little I do know I use to enter a trance state.  It gives the same effect as a guitar when im doing a solo but it gets me there quicker for some reason.  I guess because my guitar was made in factory and mine was handmade and like most people my ancestors had an affinity for the drum.  I connect the drum with Shanga, Hathoor or any deity who has an affinity for music including Allah since I have spent some time with the Sufi.  Though I have never been initiated into any of the traditions that spring from Yoruba I do look to many of their deities for inspiration when it comes to drumming.  But simply put it is a convenient means of assisting me in attaining altered states of consciousness since I don't have the means to do many of the sublime rituals of the Golden Dawn or Keys of Solomon.  Often times ill do a simple pentagram ritual and play my drum while contemplating whatever the purpose is.  Sometimes just having the drum can have an effect on me.  If I could id take it almost everywhere I go during times I don't have to have my guitar or keyboard with me.  When I first held it in my hand after paying for it it was a life changing experience for me.  I love music and while holding it I was in a state of awe because I possess an instrument that was made according to how djembe drums are made from the same earth that my ancestors walked on and did their sacred rites.  Even though im technically not a drummer just having it makes me feel more connected to my ancestors.  The magick is always there whether I use it or not.  I don't really know how to put it into words. 


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