Want to share interesting videos of drum circles??? Do you know of any good instructional videos worth posting???? Feel free to share them here under this discussion........simply copy the code of the video that you wish to post and paste it into the comment section.....if you have video file that you wish to upload, you may do that here too..... All drumming related videos are of interest. If you have posted videos in the past to any of the comment sections, don't worry, they did not disappear, they have simply been moved to this spot for ease of viewing.



Demonstrations of Technique (Rodolfo Pacheco)

Rodolfo Pacheco performs on cajon, djembe and conga


Some of these videos may not be of the best quality, but they are the ones that I felt best embodied the spirit of the Drum Circle. In each, there is a projection of that sense of community one feels when people gather to drum. These videos come from all over the world-telling us that the Drum speaks in a language that is universal-and the Circle created around the Drum, is a worldwide brotherhood. A clan of kindred spirits-speaking through the Drum.

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This is a repost of videos and comments by VampVoluptuous.....

Comment by VampVoluptuous on April 1, 2008 at 11:05pm
Delete Comment I was privileged to see Raquy and the Cavemen perform and to take 2 drumming classes last years at starwood. She is an amazing dumbeck player! Check them out

Another repost

This is a traditional rhythm from Liberia-performed by djembe master Babatunde Olatunji. I hope that you enjoy playing along!!!!!!

I found this video on YouTube and found it pretty fascinating. I hope those you who wish to learn to play this drum may learn from it. If you already know how to play the Bodhran, kick back and enjoy-please feel free to interject any tips that you feel this video may have missed.



Once again, I've scoured YouTube for some instructional videos. These videos are demonstrations of various djembe techniques that focus more on hand movement-therefore easier to play along with :)

I hope these are helpful!

REMEMBER-these are just some examples of some varying styles and techniques-there are no absolutes. These videos are simply examples of some hand techniques, and are great for anyone who is a beginner. Playing with a group is the BEST way to learn, especially if there is someone in the group who has mastered the instrument that you are trying to learn. I am by NO MEANS an expert (in fact, I have previously referred to myself as a bit of a hack, but an improving hack)

If you are able to find some videos that are good instructional videos, please feel free to embed them in a message in the comments section-all discussion on hand technique is welcome.

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Here are some more dhumbek hand techniques as demonstrated by Raquy Danziger........this one is called the Turkish Split Hand Technique....


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