Communicating with the Dragonfae can be challenging and often short-lived, which is why Lucy Cavendish (author of Oracle of the Shapeshifters and Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle) has designed the 'Oracle of the Dragonfae' specifically to communicate clearly with the protector's known as the Dragonfae.Dragonfae, along with various humans of many bloodlines and magickal ancestries, including yourself, are sacred protectors of the planet herself, of the natural and magickal beings of the planet, and of those far beyond this planet too. Beings of Dragonfae blood have a very special sensitivity and healing purpose which makes theirlives shiningly heroic, as is yours.Many people who connect with the Dragonfae express overwhelming emotions initially of happiness, enlightenment, protection and security. The Dragonfae are also wonderful magickal healers and are perfect to surround yourself with in times of bad health as they also offer strength and energy.Each of the 43 cards have been beatifully illustrated by Cavendish, displaying the magickal sprites in their full beauty. Each of the illustrations differs stylistically, making for an exciting and unexpected experience with each reading and allowing you to fully connect with the essence of the each of the Dragonfae.Also included within the set is a detailed 164-page guidbook which explains the origins of the Dragonfae, gives insightful detail into the meaning of each of the cards and suggests spreads for reading with the cards.

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These are one of my fav Oracles, and very accurate

That is possible, Lass I bet was in past life:)


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