Singers of Transfiguration

When I think of this word I think trnasformation, metemorphisis, like a butterfly. A Butterfly is firdsst a worm before it becomes a beautiful butterfly. It is born with potential. Change is hard, many times we resist. However to become our potential we must go through changes. Like the butterfly we must die to an old way of living, and thinking

The message of this card-

If you've been experiencing a time of struggle or hardship, this card assures you that this is about to end, if it hasn't already. These tough times were a period of initiation and through them, you have reached a new level of being and instigated deep transformation within yourself. It's almost like you have been put to the test, and now have stepped through the gate of transfiguration.
A new way of life has been accepted and things will never be the same again...and this is a good thing! This card heralds a time of fulfillment and accomplishment, success and power, joy and inner peace - and it doesn't get much better than that!
View this card turning up today as a reward for past achievements and a time now of preparation for the next climb up the path.

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So good to hear! I could use a little less struggle in my life right about now. Thanks!

YW, have a blessed day


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