I have a few that come to me for guidance.  I don't think there is any problem with this and if I cannot handle their particular instance then I find someone that can or I suggest therapy.  Now being a witch for most of my life but most active over the last 24 years I thought maybe that was a conflict.  But, I have made use of talk therapy before and it helped me greatly and I used it as an alternative for my son to keep him off of man made drugs for his proclaimed mental disorders.  So I guess my question is really a two part one.

1.  When do you recommend outside assistance?

2.  Should we be limited to the tools we use as outside assistance?

With Love, 

Night Priestess )O

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Hello Night Priestess,

You ask very interesting questions. As a Witch and a Healer (mainly of animals) I would say that although we have great natural tools at our disposal, we cannot always work exclusively within our Craft and sometimes complimentary assistance is necessary.

For example, I suffer with Clinical Depression, and I have done for over twenty years. I am on prescribed drugs, but I cannot deny that if I have Healing from another Healer, whether they have been told about my condition or not, I feel much up-lifted and more able to 'cope' and function if I am feeling Depressed.

I suppose there is no logical conclusion and we just have to trust our Inner Feeling when we are put in this position. The feeling we get changes as to whom we are assisting and so we have to trust that it is the right choice for the right person at that time. That is my humble opinion....

Blue bell I agree with you. We  also have to often take a holistic approach when trying to figure out what craft skills can be useful for a certain condition and seek out medical and alternative testing and treatments in order to rule any organic or environmental influences..so many things can effect chemical imbalances, especially with depression. This for me, is a very complicated issue with many elements. Happy to hear that you assist people in their healing process. I'm a massage therapist but also work with tuning forks, crystal body layouts and my own intuition. I've slowed down in the last few years, always love to hear about other's who assist the body in their own healing process. Thanks for the post, Blessings, Ianna:)


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