Hi all.  I'm wondering if I can get your thoughts on something.

You are all 'seasoned' in your own ways so you may all use the rituals and cauldrons in diff ways for diff reasons.   I have seldom used one and so I am not sure what the right purpose is to use it.  When you burn something that is written on paper or an object is that to destroy something or to bring something into being?  I have heard it to go both ways.  When I did burn something it was an act of destroying - such as a bad virus or bacteria that I deliberately put on a Kleenex or cloth. If someone I know was terribly ill with one of these I put it into the fire so as to remove it from the person.  But then I was told that the purpose is to use it to bring something about.  So I tried that and it worked somewhat but only on myself.

Why I'm asking is because I had a dream as I napped this afternoon.  I seen myself in the backyard with my great grandsons little Halloween cauldron.  I was lighting a fire with 'golden twigs'.  All the twigs around me were gold as if they had been dipped into it except that they were gold right through.  Supposedly I was about to burn a small stack of messages or letters that were tied up with a ribbon.  These were all gold also and so was the ribbon.  These apparently had been sent to me.  Now, I didn't see myself burning them and had no feeling about it one way or the other.  I then seen myself on a bus going to my sisters to get all of hers and do the same thing with them.

So now I would like to ask you all if you have ever burnt anything in a cauldron with intent and how did you mean it - to destroy it or bring it into being?  And what do you think of the twigs and letters/messages all being gold?  Not just dipped in gold but gold throughout - like someone writing on golden sheets of paper.

I sure would like to get as many thoughts on this as I can.  And I really couldn't think of a better place to come than to a group of seasoned individuals who have all been doing things their own way.

thanks for reading


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Thanks for answering James, as you can see this isn't a very busy room so a response is appreciated.

I have thought also that it depends on the 'intent' but since fire, for the most part, cleanses and destroys, then that is generally the way I go with it.  I never did figure out the golden twigs and letters but I know that I didn't destroy them in the dream and 'consciously' later in the day I held it all close to my chest.

I never did figure out why I was using my great-grandsons little Halloween cauldron unless the cauldron was simply showing me what 'someone' wanted me to do with the letters.

Thanks again for replying and bringing the dream back to my mind.


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