I'm reading several different books.

One is the second Game of Thrones book and another is Zombie Fallout 5 by Mark Tufo.  I'm thinking of buying an Ellen Dugan book and starting that as well.

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I am reading a YA book called The City of Lost Souls. YA is a guilty pleasure of mine! I am also reading Empire of Blue Water. Its a history on pirates

Part of the reason I got a kindle..my YA guilty pleasure.  Lol.  I was too embarrassed to be seen buying those books in person.

Lol! Im not, I dont care. Over half of those who read YA are over 20! Both men and women as well.

But then again, I have my own special folder at the comic book store. This world is full of geeks and guilty pleasures. I love what I love ;)

I have some books on the go:

"Mockingjay" being the priority, "Under the Eagle"-the first novel in the Eagles Series by Simon Scarrow, based on the Roman Legions, I have the Game of Thrones but I haven't gotte into it yet. I have "The Crystal Cave", the first book of a new series based on King Arthurian Britain. "World War Z" which I haven't finished. 

I loved the Hunger Games trilogy.  I find Game of Thrones much easier to watch than to read..I find the books kind of dry.  I hope you end up having a better time with it than I have.

I'm not big on watching movies based on books, with the acception for a few. The Hunger Games Trilogy should run at least one more book.

I am still on "Catching Fire" I kind of stopped reading the trilogy because I know how it ends and im not sure how I feel about that, I dont know if I want to deal with the conclusion, so I havent finished the books.

I have God/dess knows how many books on my kindle wish list. I just read the 2nd game of thrones book and feel like I need a break from that series. I want to read world war z. I like YA too even though I get flak for it. I was reading the "Blue Bloods" series.

I love Blue Bloods! I thought I would HATE it, but my best friend (All she reads in YA, ever. It kind of irritates me, she refuses anything unless its YA. I just dont understand), anyway my best friend recommended it, so I picked up the first one and was pleasantly surprised.

i am reading a book about some of the great philosophers and their teachings right now, unfortunately the name eludes me at the moment as its not on my person.  and the second book i am reading right now is a book on anxiety and phobic disorders and thats pretty much the name of it lol.

Currently reading "A Great and Terrible Beauty", "Pride and Prejudice", and "The Encyclopedia of Black Magic".

I am right now in the middle of reading Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned and Dreamless by Josephine Angelini.

Also, I have been studying/working on Raymond Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, and started a little bit on The Path of Druidry: Walking the Green Way by Penny Billington. ((I'm still researching different paths/traditions))


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