I prefer horror.  I love vampires and zombies.  

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I prefer History (including Archaeology and Anthropology) and hard SciFi. I used to say Occult Fiction but so much of it is absolutely horrid *shudder

I prefer to read psychology books or journals.  But aside from that i will read anything i can get my hands on! fiction, non-fiction, history, physics, occult, any religion, name it and ill read it!  Such a book worm i am.

I love most any genre. One I have really come to enjoy so far is Magical Realism. I believe thats what it goes by. Sarah Addison Allen is an author and I consider what she writes to be that genre. I love her books, they are simply beautiful to me and I can read them time and time again.

I am also a fan of gothic literature, old and new. I love both fiction and non fiction but i generally read more fiction.

I read a lot,but like military history,mysteries,and love the good zombie novel.There are surprisingly quite a lot of good ones  out there.I also enjoy sports,especially baseball and British soccer and read almost everything on those two subjects I can find.Paul Mersons biography is hilarious.Its amazing he could score all those goals being drunk for almost two decades.

For fiction I prefer mystery/suspense or books based on a real life situation.  For non-fiction, just about any occult/metaphysical book will do, and I also like researching psychology.

As far as fiction goes, I am quite particular to Paranormal Romance novels. Not sure why though. I just like them. I have been a bit on an Anne Rice binge these days actually. Her writing is not my normal readings (which is mostly YA novels) but I'm slowly starting to fall in love with her work.

Non-Fiction wise, I--well I don't read very many NF books but I do take a liking to stuff about different mythology. :)

I love horror, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, humorous sci-fi, some historical fiction. I am absolutely in love with vampires. Also read a lot of nonfiction on writing, Paganism, or on famous people that I find interesting. Some favorite authors are Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris, Phyllis Curott, Stephen King, Douglas Adams, and A. Lee Martinez.

  • Magic/spirituality & history NF
  • Sci-fi
  • biographies
  • anthropology/sociology
  • mythology
  • crime (f & nf)  


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