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This tarot card oracle uses card definitions that not only match the pictures on the cards, but have been honed and perfected over the years to render optimum divinations regardless of the question asked.

Accuracy is guranteed.

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(1) Post your divinatory questions in the Discussion Forum (click on Add a Discussion), and please post your general chit-chat in the Comment Wall.
(2) When posting your divinatory question, include background information about the subject matter. The more I understand about your situation, the easier it will be for me to interpret your divination.
(3) I also need to understand your post, so please use standard English-language principles of sentence construction, punctuation, capitalization, and so forth.


Life Readings are available.  Contact me at for information.

Discussion Forum

A couple of cuestions

Started by Berkana. Last reply by Berkana Mar 20, 2017. 7 Replies

Hello dear Dreamwalker hope you're Ok. I have a couple of question for your oracle. The first is about money and stability. Recently I arrived to a place thought that I could get a job easily, but have passed 2 months and nothing, just casual jobs…Continue

Embarking on the journey of independence

Started by Kristi V. Last reply by Dreamwalker May 17, 2016. 1 Reply

Hello,I have been on this journey for many years. My childhood, and recent marriage were traps of domestic violence, abuse and codependency. I have since embarked on completely detaching from all of the family and moving forward on my own. I had met…Continue


Started by Nikita Michelle S. Kriatiansen. Last reply by Dreamwalker Dec 6, 2015. 1 Reply

Hello Dreamwalker,I have worked so hard on my education, and have now been unemployed for the past 2 and half years. I just want to work and make my own way. I hear constantly that i do not have enough experience and that someone more experience…Continue


Started by Tammy. Last reply by Tammy Nov 9, 2015. 2 Replies

Hello Dream walker,l have been dating a gentleman for about 7 mths now, he is someone l have known since age 11. We get along great but the relationship in general hasn't been easy, we have already dealt with troubles regarding a person from a…Continue

Messy Situation Wondering if there would be a change any time soon

Started by tekoa taylor. Last reply by Dreamwalker Nov 9, 2015. 1 Reply

Hello Dreamwalker,I usually post on your dream page you may remember my name, I usually have a lot of dreams that to me make no sense.Well I will get to the point I have been in a situation for 2 years now and I wanted to see if it would change, I…Continue

my relationship

Started by Isabeau Luna. Last reply by Dreamwalker Sep 3, 2015. 1 Reply

Hello Dreamwalker:Some months ago, i asked you a reading about love and now i would like to ask again.I have a relationship at distance. He lives at Malaysia and I live at Spain. We are talking from last october.  In july I spent my holidays with…Continue

New career

Started by Sophia Antonette. Last reply by Dreamwalker Jul 5, 2015. 1 Reply

Hello there Dreamwalker, my question is about my new career endeavor. I am working as an independent distributor for a health and wellness company,and i really look forward to helping people reach their health and fitness goals. But i Suppose i have…Continue

hello dreamwalker.

Started by tineke been. Last reply by Dreamwalker May 22, 2015. 1 Reply

i am very worried as my mother in law died and a medium said she is my spiritguide now.,i have a hard time believing this in the first place,but something happened that made me wonder.i  know she worries still about her addicted son.shes affraid…Continue

im still seeing third eye opening wide

Started by hippiechic. Last reply by hippiechic May 19, 2015. 4 Replies

will im back and this journey continues . altough the trail of roots have finally calmed down  the mystery still before me. i cant explain how im drawn to a new me.the passion grows deep with in .rediscover who i am now that im no longer captured…Continue

Recent horse death has me worried

Started by Katelinn Carrier. Last reply by Katelinn Carrier Apr 6, 2015. 2 Replies

Throughout my years riding and owning horses there have been a large number of deaths at each barn I have been to. Where I am now this last week a horse suddenly became I'll and was put down. He was fine in the morning when I feed him and was…Continue

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Comment by Dreamwalker on December 3, 2015 at 2:23pm

For readings, post your question in the Discussion Forum above, not here in the Comment Wall.

Comment by Nikita Michelle S. Kriatiansen on December 3, 2015 at 1:45pm

Hello Dreamwalker,

I have worked so hard on my education, and have now been unemployed for the past 2 and half years. I just want to work and make my own way. I hear constantly that i do not have enough experience and that someone more experience than me have got the job. My question is will I get a job within a year?

Comment by Dreamwalker on October 11, 2014 at 3:19pm

For readings, please post your questions in the Discussion Forum above, not here in the Comment Wall. Thank you.

Comment by Dreamwalker on June 29, 2014 at 1:03am

For readings, please post your question in the Discussion Forum above, not here in the Comment Wall.

Comment by tanya nicolaou on June 22, 2014 at 2:47pm


there's a guy Im meeting soon, name of Steve. I feel strongly about this, as if something significant and good will happen between us, hence my asking on here.

I even had a vision whilst meditating, so I would really appreciate a reading here with you..question is: will Steve and I start a relationship or not?

Comment by crazyfrogg on April 18, 2014 at 11:54am


Comment by Angela Winters on February 11, 2014 at 9:07pm

I have never had a card reading before and I found out today that I didn't get the promotion that I have waited 6 months for. My question would be do you see a promotion in my future?

Comment by Dreamwalker on November 11, 2013 at 9:21pm


I just saw your August message to me.  I truly do not check my Comment Wall much, and I apologize for taking so long to get back with you.

The best way for you to communicate with me is through my regular e-mail, which is  I am at my computer a lot, and I usually respond to e-mail within an hour or two.

Comment by Lill-Jeanette Sunde on October 22, 2013 at 6:36pm

I woud love a free reading,can i ask spesific questions too?

Comment by Johnny Allen on August 27, 2013 at 10:50am

Ah ok Dreamwalker. I live in Tennessee not far from clarksville which is close to the kentucky state line. I just figured if you did one I could go up there one day. It would be a nice trip and learn something new.


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