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Runic writing has been discovered in various locations throughout Old Europe, some of it dating back to the time prior to the rise of Greek and Roman civilization. Both the Latin and Greek alphabets can trace their origins to the Runes. The similarity between the structure of Greek letters and Runic symbols is amazing. Examples of North Italic and Etruscan writing have been discovered that are clearly examples of Runic writing.

The earliest Runes, used by the original Indo-European people, evolved into the present-day Elder Futhark. Various other Rune rows have been used over the millenniums that include the Younger Futhark and the Anglo-Saxon Futhark. The Futhark has been described as an alphabet, but that is not exactly correct. Like the Greek alphabet, the Elder Futhark has twenty-four Runes that always appear in the same order with few exceptions, but true alphabets always begin with the letters alpha and beta. The Runes are referred to as Futhark, which is made up of the first six Runes (F, U, Th, A, R, K). Though the Futhark has been used as a form of writing, it is more than just a alphabet. Its symbols are said to possess secret powers, and can be used like a printed circuitry. It is believed by Heathen literalists, that if properly decoded, the Runes can be used to establish a link between mortals and the Gods. That they can be used effectively for divination purposes is true. But how much of that is simply an opening of the sub-conscious mind is where our differing perspectives come in. My personal belief is that, if used correctly, the Runes can be used to forge a connection, a bridge between the Mind and our sub-conscious. Like an electric circuit, they can connect the user with "the Aesir and Vanir."

Hollander Translation

The Rune Poem

138) I wot that I hung on the wind-tossed tree
all of nights nine,
wounded by spear, bespoken to Óthin,
bespoken myself to myself,
[upon that tree of which none telleth
from what roots it doth rise]

139) Neither horn they upheld nor handed me bread;
I looked below me--
aloud I cried--
caught up the runes, caught them up wailing,
thence to the ground fell again.

140) From the son of Bolthorn, Bestla's father,
I mastered mighty songs nine,
and a drink I had, of the dearest mead,
got from out of Óthrærir.

141) Then began I to grow and gain in insight,
to wax eke in wisdom:
One verse led on to another verse,
one poem led on to the other poem.

142) Runes wilt thou find, and rightly read,
of wondrous weight,
of mighty magic,
which that dyed the dread God,
which that made the holy hosts,
and were etched by Óthin.

143) Óthin among Æsir, for alfs, Dain,
Dvalin for the dwarfs,
Alsvith among etins, (but for earth-borne men)
wrought I some myself.

144) Know'st how to write, know'st how to read,
know'st how to stain, how to understand,
know'st how to ask, know'st how to offer,
know'st how to supplicate, know'st how to sacrifie?

145) 'Tis better unasked than offered overmuch;
for ay doth a gift look for gain;
'tis better unasked than offered overmuch:
thus did Óthin write ere the earth began,
when up he rose in after time.

146) Those spells I know which the spouses of kings
wot not, nor earthly wight:
"Help" one is hight, with which holpen thou'lt be
in sorrow and care and sickness.

147) That other I know which all will need
who leeches list to be:
(on the bark scratch them of bole in the woods
whose boughs bend to the east).

148) That third I know, if my need be great
to fetter a foeman fell:
I can dull the swords of deadly foes,
that nor wiles nor weapons avail.

149) that fourth I know, if foemen have
fettered me hand and foot:
I chant a charm the chains to break,
so the fetters fly off my feet,
and off my hands the halter.

150) That fifth I know, if from foemans's hand
I see a spear sped into throng,
never so fast it flies but its flight I can stay,
once my eye lights on it.

151) That sixth I know, if me someone wounds
with runes on gnarled root written,
or rouses my wrath by reckless speech:
him blights shall blast, not me.

152) That seventh I know, if o'er sleepers' heads
I behold a hall on fire:
however bright the blaze I can beat it down--
that mighty spell I can speak.

153) That eighth I know which to all men is
needful, and good to know:
when hatred runs high, heroes among,
their strife I can settle full soon.

154) That ninth I know: if need there be
to guard a ship in a gale,
the wind I can calm, and the waves also,
and wholly soothe the sea.

155) That tenth I know, if night-hags sporting
I scan aloft in the sky:
I scare them with spells so they scatter abroad,
heedless of their hides,
heedless of their haunts.

156) That eleventh I know, if I am to lead
old friends to the fray:
under buckler I chant that briskly they fare
hale and whole to battle,
hale and whole from battle:
hale whereever they are.

157) That twelfth I know, if on tree I see
a hanged one hoisted on high:
thus I write and the runes I stain
that down he drops
and tells me his tale.

158) That thirteenth I know if a thane's son I shall
wet with holy water:
never will he fall, though the fray be hot,
nor sink down, wounded by sword.

159) That fourteenth I know, if to folk I shall
sing and say of the Gods:
Æsir and alfs know I altogether--
of unlearned few have that lore.

160) That know I fifteenth which Thjóthrærir sang,
the dwarf, before Delling's door:
gave to Æsir strength, to alfs victory
by his song, and insight to Othin.

161) That sixteenth I know, if I seek me some maid,
to work my will with her:
the white-armed woman's heart I bewitch,
and toward me I turn her thoughts.

162) That seventeenth I know, (if the slender maid's love
I have, and hold her to me:
this I sing to her) that she hardly will
leave me for other man's love.

163) In this lore wilt thou, Loddfáfnir, be
unversed forever and ay:
thy weal were it, if this wisdom thine--
'tis helpful, if heeded,
'tis needful, if known.

164) That eighteenth I know which to none I will tell,
neither maid nor man's wife--
'tis best warded if but one know it:
this speak I last of my spells--
but only to her in whose arms I lie,
or else to my sister also.

165) Now are Hár's sayings spoken in Hár's hall,
of help to the sons of men,
of harm to the sons of etins;
hail to whoever spoke them, hail to whoever knows them!
Gain they who grasp them,
happy they who heed them!

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Comment by Mallory Brooks on May 29, 2016 at 4:22pm

Hail! I am here in Idaho, and am a Norse Heathen. I am also the Founder of Kith & Kin Hearth here in Boise Idaho.

Comment by Bethel on May 4, 2014 at 5:43pm

I hope this  group is still here..If not , Let's revive it !  I make rune sets Futhark and Ogham.

Comment by Robert Wolford on January 1, 2013 at 12:25pm

is this group dead?

Comment by Darkbookworm on October 8, 2012 at 5:43pm

I was hoping this group was still active, but it appears to be quite dormant. Heliodramus, I am not a christian, but I would hope this group would try to stay away from religion bashing. It wastes energy that could be better used elsewhere, like creating a community or kindred that we can depend on and learn from.

Comment by Briana Rós Banallen on July 25, 2012 at 2:08pm

Hi, does any one still use this group or what?

Comment by LadyLycanVamp on April 10, 2012 at 11:02pm

For years I named myself an eclectic pagan. And yet something was missing. I am feeling an excitement and fire light up inside as I learn more and more about the Northern Heathen ways, particularly learning about Rune magics. Am going to read through the posts on here for information on decent sources.

Comment by Daniel on January 4, 2012 at 6:20pm

Heilsa Hel's Maire,

I will peruse the book, although from the table of contents I see a chapter entitled "The Thirteen Principles of Wiccan Belief".  Does the author realize that Heathen beliefs are not Wiccan? That there is actually very little in common between the two paths?  gods have mercy she would be shredded unmercifully by Asatruar.

Comment by Maris Hellfaerie (Maire) on January 4, 2012 at 7:19am


We have a PS member who published a book which also features the Runes. She advertised for it in the main forum in a peculiar way. She has a very anti-academic attitude in general and does not like intellectuals, so any criticism from my side regarding weaknesses will be considered as a veiled ad hom.

She is using the book as a qualification to be somewhat above an academic approach to things, so if anyone has the time to give a feedback on the preview of the book, have at it. My own opinion should be irrelevant.

Link to Preview on Google

Post Scriptum:

Welcome, Lyfing. Have a great time in the webs.

Comment by Lyfing on November 10, 2011 at 8:23am



I'm Lyfing, the Gothi of The Einherjar Hearth of Northeastern Alabama and the Administrator of Germanic Heathenry Forum.  Come and check us out..




Comment by Daniel on November 6, 2011 at 10:16pm
Hailsa! I have been looking for quite some time for a few good places online to connect with heathens from different parts of the world.  My own journey into the ways of our ancestors started in a serious way some 25 years ago, both in the religious aspect of Heathenry, and in the practice as a Vitki. I deeply relate to the yearning for that inner connection evident in many of the posts here that is so much like--no, exactly like the yearning for home one feels when on a long trip to foreign places.  That sense of "home" never leaves you when you embrace this path.  I hope for the chance to get to know some of you here, and learn your stories, as kin though there be large distances between us.

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