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Honoring Our Elders and the Elder Herbalists

There are more great mines and souls then I can count who, by their very words, their deeds and writings, whether it is in a book or now on…

Started by TeaLatest Reply

Congratulations to our Group Garden of Healing Hearbs

Congratulations to the Group, We have Reached 2000 + members. Blessings to you all. Now with all of our members here we are the Largest Her…

Started by TeaLatest Reply

Medicine - Herb/Food Interactions

I left this in a file, but made it more detailed, here is a version of one similar to the Table I typed out and placed in that file about D…

Started by TeaLatest Reply

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Merry Meet

Glad to be a part of a group with like-minded interests. I'm a certified Master Herbalist but that's a secondary part of my work with herbs…

Started by Enola Sage

2 Jun 6
Reply by Enola Sage

Edibles to Grow

Most gardeners find these to be the most reliable and rewarding edibles to grow: 1. Basil, any variety: Needs warm air and soil; pinch off…

Started by Enigma

3 May 25
Reply by Magena

Wisteria pods.

I was out in my garden doing a little pruning of shrubs when I looked up and see something new to me. My wisteria which is 13 years old thi…

Started by Beryl

0 Feb 18


So I was out in my garden. And a rose that has returned to its wild state each year gives rosehips quite small sized which are almost no fl…

Started by Beryl

3 Sep 21, 2018
Reply by Enigma

Fibromyalgia - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Information and Experiences

First I'll tell about my experience: I figured that I would start a thread for those who wish to or feel comfortable with - telling their '…

Started by Captain Lindstrom-Prien

11 Aug 13, 2016
Reply by Demeter

Red Clover

Our good friend Angeka Nightjar contacted me with a question about harvesting red clover. Anyone know the proper way to harvest it? And fo…

Started by Amethyst Samia

10 Aug 13, 2016
Reply by Demeter

Seasonal Herbs--Litha

Trust me...I know how late I am in getting this up and I do apologize. I came across some good information, a good website, and a good (may…

Started by Amethyst Samia

3 Aug 12, 2016
Reply by Demeter

Cinnamon & Honey: The Dynamic Duo

Cinnamon and Honey: The Dynamic Duo You Need More Of May 04, 2016 Jake Carney, Founder The Alternative Daily It is widely known that…

Started by Amethyst Samia

2 May 16, 2016
Reply by Amethyst Samia

How To Start Your Own Herb Garden

The rewards of growing herbs are far greater than with other plants. Other plants in the garden are mostly planted for their decorative val…

Started by Pandora

5 Mar 19, 2016
Reply by Demeter

eczema cure

Hello all -  I am in need of information and some one here may be able to help me.   I am going to give you some background information as…

Started by Raya

18 Feb 5, 2016
Reply by Amethyst Samia


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