As you might have guessed I have no green thumb, in fact anything I plant dies.  I live in central Florida where the ground is "sugar sand", a very fine white powder like you find at the beach.  The weather is hot, hot and hotter with lots of rain throughout the summer.

I would love to have a small garden of herbs and spices, to assist in my spell casting and dinner :)    Any advice at all would be appreciated.

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Lucky!  My clay "soil" here doesn't drain and most herbs love something on the sandy side and don't like being over fertilized.  Basil, sage, thyme, garlic, cayenne are a sun-worshippers and like to be in a pot in a sunny window just fine.  

Tumeric sounds like it was made for your yard and mint and mullein will grow just about everywhere.  Though I speak from experience when I say that mint will take over your beds if you let it.  

Cinnamon loves sand, warm and water, but that can get big.  Ginger loves the hot and wet, but make sure not to get the North American variety.  

Thank you so much for your advice!  Those are just the kind of herbs I am interested in growing.   What about watering?  And can I grow them where it gets no shade?  Or better to plant where it is sunny for half the day, and shady the other half?   

All of those should like your sunshine and rain just fine.  I would watch them to make sure they don't get too thirsty in really hot weather.  If you plant cinnamon, I'd love to know how that went.  I want some, but it would never survive a -40 winter here.  lol

I would recommend that you make some containers.

These can be very simple and can be raised or just on the ground.  This will allow you to mix whatever kind of soil that each plant prefers.  The sides will help keep your soil mix where it belongs as well as helping to keep the weeds out of the plants. You can also put deterrents to things like snails and crawling bugs on the outside of the container which should save you from having to use as much (or any) insecticide on the actual plants.

The easiest way is to use stakes and boards with the boards buried about an inch into the soil. You can stack the boards to get the height that you desire.   You can get aluminum flashing at the hardware store and staple or nail it at the top of the bottom board, and then pull it out from the board at the bottom so that it forms a skirt around the boards.  That should keep many crawling pests out.  If you use untreated lumber then you need to treat it with something to seal it and keep it from rotting.  non-toxic paint or Thompson's water seal come to mind.

Good luck and happy gardening.

Wow...thank you so much for the advice.  Sounds like a lot of work though and I am disabled.  I do like the idea of putting them in pots to more easily deter pests and keep the grass out.

I have to agree with Lady Light Seeker who suggested things like cinnamon, turmeric and ginger. You can grow many tropical Caribbean and Indian plants that come from simlilar conditions. Growing in containers and raised beds as Templewolf suggested will help keep maintenance down as well as deter pests. I've had family in Florida since I was a kid and I understand the conditions you're talking about. You could also have success with things like aloe and agave since you have good drainage. My cousin even grew pineapple plants in your conditions. If you wanted a little shade you could grow dwarf citrus trees in pots, too.I have spells that use citrus. I wish I could grow cinnamon, all my money spells include it Good luck.

Thank you so much for your advice.  I have tried to grow aloe but I managed to kill all but the hardiest.  I did plant them very near a drain spout tho and the the area they are in does not drain well...and we get lots of rain.  I guess that is what is killing them, poor things, I will move them right away!  Pineapples sound nice too!  And I will gladly share my cinnamon if I can actually ever manage to grow it :)


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