Congratulations to the Group, We have Reached 2000 + members. Blessings to you all. Now with all of our members here we are the Largest Herbal Groub on PaganSpace.

I would also like to congratulate everyone here for the hard work that you all have done in making this group possible. As the fastest growing Herbal Group on PaganSpace, I feel that we need to make a places to archive our things here. So I though of opening a new site strictly for a safe keeping area for our group Items we don't wished to be lost in the Transfer of the new site. Please let me know what you feel about this as you all will have access to that site as well.

If you all agree then I will start on building the New Site to Archive our Topic's, Threads and Discussion with the main Thread here as well to use as a Warehouse of all of our Threads, Discussions. I will post the Link to the Archives Warehouse, which you all will have access too. This is if you all approve of this.

I say 2000 Plus members just since April of 2009 and still in the Featured pages of the Sites Group area is wonderful. When this Group popped into my Head I had no Idea we would make this far but we Grew from there so I say, lets keep on doing what we have been doing. Lets keep up the great work my dear friends and you all have a great Holiday.

I will also Post this in a Discussion Thread, do please respond there, Please also PM or e-mail me your address so I can send to a little herbal gift......Welcome all of our New members, we all are here help you and chat with, and Now it is not always serious we do have fun at times, but for the most part this is a serious Group.


Please add to this Discussion not the one in the main Thread too let me know what you think about the Archive Site I am Proposing along with help or anyone feel that help me on the Site now and after the Change Over to the New Site that StarrtFre is working on.

These are not set in stone as of yet, I just what to have a Safe Place to put our things we have put into this group without losing anything.

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Thank you for your confidence hun, now if I could others to help that would willing to be there to help me in my absents and when I an working, lmao, I will start working on transferring it all of the the new site, but keep this one up. This is just a second site to put our things in as well so we loss nothing or any of our members as well.

Goddess willing I will be starting school this spring . It will be for herbal study so I will put in as much input as I can.
I think it's a wonderful idea!
i think that sounds wonderful too
What a great idea. Blessed Be!

Great idea to back up important info.  Sorry, am new to computers so wouldn't know where to begin in order to help you out, but I do send Love and Healing to you.


Thank You Tea for the opportunity to express and learn here in this site. I love the idea of the archive site that we all can go to, to review and learn as much as possible. Not speeking for anyone else but myself. I can and do learn something new all the time from everyone here. Thank you again for the hard work and dedication you have made in the making of this site.


Blessing to all


Tea, hoping you heal quickly! What sort of help is needed? I think a lot of us would be willing to help if we knew what sort of skill set was needed and how much was involved. healing vibes coming your way!

Merry Meet Tea!


May the positive energy that I am sending you help aid in your recovery!


You know what is best to preserve the information of this site; and, please do what needs to be done with my blessing!


Blessed Be,


As a new member of this site and group, I would enjoy an archive. The information in it would be enlightening. 


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