Most gardeners find these to be the most reliable and rewarding edibles to grow:

1. Basil, any variety: Needs warm air and soil; pinch off flowers to encourage leaves. A hint of a frost will finish it.

2. Beans: Need 60°F soil; space seeds as directed; choose ‘Provider’ or ‘Blue Lake’ (bush varieties) for heavy harvests.

3. Carrots: Need light, well-draining soil; sow sparsely to avoid thinning later; tolerate light frost; choose ‘Chantenay’ and ‘Nantes’, which keep well.

4. Cherry tomatoes: No plot? Put in a large container; especially sweet and productive ‘Sun Gold’.

5. Chives: Use this hardy perennial herb as a great garnish; eat its flowers; divide in fall.

6. Garlic: Plant individual cloves in fall, mulch with hay; rake off mulch in spring; when scapes curl around once, cut off and make pesto; harvest when leaves wither. Save the biggest bulbs for your next crop.

7. Greens: Can be planted early; full sun not needed; especially arugula, mesclun, loose-leaf lettuces. Go from seed to salad bowl in 6 weeks!

8. Parsley: Seeds are slow to germinate, so buy little plants; especially curly, which is slower to bolt than flatleaf and will last into fall; needs space to put down deep roots.

9. Peas: Love cool weather; may need support; especially snap, which outyield shelling peas.

10. Potatoes: Plant chunks of sprouted seed potatoes, especially russets, early reds, and yellow-flesh varieties, with eyes upward in a trench; fill in; mulch well. Dig (carefully!) when tops die down.

Source: Farmers Alomanac 2019

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Thanks much Enigma.  I'll be shopping for my plants and soil this next weekend - it's still too cold here in Winnipeg and for anything above ground I have to wait until after the last frost.  I'll be planting in pots on my little balcony and don't want to have to bring in everything every evening

thanks again for the info

It's hard to wait but worth it, seeing your seedlings suffer isn't fun. It's also a lot of work to have to do over! happy gardening

Enigma I didn't know you enjoy gardening :) It's a pleasant surprise. Thank you for that it was nice and informative! This year is my first year growing outside of containers. I'm really happy to be planting in the earth. It hasn't been easy, I've had a ton of clean-up and still a ton to go but, I'm grateful for it. Anyways I grow all sorts of things and always have extra seeds if you're interested. Best.


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