Hello all -  I am in need of information and some one here may be able to help me.   I am going to give you some background information as it is vital.

My nephew who is now 58 years old had eczema very bad when he was approximately 7-8 years old.  He had it all over his face and body and his teacher thought he was terrible to look at.  At that time my sister (nephews mother) was living in a rented house that had a garden at the back.  She frequently talked to an old Ukrainian woman who lived next door to her.  One day the old woman peered at my nephew closely and asked my sister what was on his face and body.  My sister told her that it was eczema and no cure for it.  The old woman pointed to some yellow weeds/herbs (whatever they were) growing in my sister yard in a patch beside the fence and told her to make a tea out of them and have my nephew drink about 3 cups a day for about 2 days.  My sister who was young and uneducated with herbs at that time (and this was a very good thing as it turned out) listened to the old woman and did as she had been told. She made the tea and the eczema disappeared and was gone within a few days never to return and he is now 58 years old.

The old woman told my sister that it was called something that sounds like 'maroona' in Ukrainian.  Apparently a well known cure there among the older people.  Not realizing at that time the potency and healing abilities of herbs I did not inquire as to the flowering plant or take a sample to our university to find out what the flowering plant is in English. Many times over the years I have seen children with eczema and inquired of my sister but she could tell me no more about the plant.  She said she would probably recognize it if she seen it.  We went back to the house she had lived in but one of the subsequent renters had dug it up and destroyed it.

It is my hope that we have a Ukrainian speaking person in this group who can inquire from some of the older people what this herb is as a young child in my family now has that horrible problem.  All I know about that plant is?

1. It has yellow flowers

2. It grows about 4-5 feet tall

and in Ukrainian the word for it sounds like 'maroona'. 

And  a few cups of the tea made from it cures eczema never to return.

I know that finding that name is English would be a great blessing to the many children who suffer from Eczema.  I would appreciate any help I can get from anyone about this plant.  I don't know if it is referred to as a herb, or as a weed that people destroy like they do dandelions. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Hi Raya
My first thought was pot marigold as it is often used for skin conditions. Also it is known as Calendula Officinalis. The flowers can be yellow or orange and once the flowers die they leave behind big curvy seeds. I hope this helps you on your quest, I know others have also mentioned this flower but it definitely came to mind for me as well.. Good luck

Hi Rowan. It probably isn't calendula she's looking for, based on her description of the plant and how it grows. Calendula does have amazing properties thiugh. Our dear Tea calls it "granny's magic oil". She makes an infused oil of it and uses it on cuts scrapes bruises and the like. I think she uses it for just about everything! Good info. Thanks for reminding us!


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