First I'll tell about my experience:

I figured that I would start a thread for those who wish to or feel comfortable with - telling their 'stories' of how they wound up with this condition and what they've done to help themselves...


My own story starts prior to my having come into this body (I'm a 'walk-in' soul).  This body endured years of abuse (verbal/mental type - and on occasion physical) not just at the home, but at school and work.  This body was raised in a 'toxic' household to begin with even right after it was born - just a lot of 'toxic' energies, and I feel that because this body is 'sensitive', that it absorbing these at such a young age (baby age) because it really had no 'defensive system' was a contributing factor.


This sort of 'experience' for the prior soul continued well up to the day of the soul transfer, and even after I came into the body, I found myself dealing with it until I put a stop to the nonsense.


Anyway - this body was in a minor auto accident in late '98 and that triggered sciatica in all of the limbs.  For about 2 to 2.5 years, no proper pain management was given - even after the prior soul felt it best to be treated within the hospital through the psych. unit - despite the severity of the pain, nothing was done.  The diagnosis of sciatica wasn't given until early '99 while at another psych unit (this time due to self mutilation).


In 2000 or '01, which is 2-1 year/s prior to the soul transfer, a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was finally given by an understanding primary care dr. and this led to starting to get treatment.  This treatment was (as there was no Lyrica at the time) - tri-cyclic anti depressants to assist the sleep cycle and either opiates or NSAIDs.  Eventually the opiates caused me to be sick after I came into the body while it was asleep (11 Sept. 2002).  The psych meds really messed me up because they suppressed the trauma that needed to be released in a healthy fashion so that the body/mind could heal properly.


In 2003 - I initiated natural healing therapies starting with the use of Flower Essences.  These brought me the most benefit as far as breaking up the 'negative tape loops' within the psyche (the 'negative mental patterning') on a subconscious level.  I also started to get involved in using herbs and vitamins, along with essential oils.  I was totally self taught in all I was doing.


In 2004 - I quit the anti depressants cold turkey because I could not hack how they made me feel mentally and emotionally.  I actually became more depressed with one which was Celexa I think.  Thankfully my dr. at the time was compassionate and didn't 'push' anything.  At this time I also worked on getting off the NSAIDs...and it was late in this year that I was introduced to Homeopathy (I was sent Arnica Gel from a friend from the UK).  I used the Arnica Gel frequently and it was through that, that by 2005, I didn't need anymore painkillers.  I may have had to take an occasional RX Ibuprofen, but nothing like I was before.


I kept up doing what I was doing - researching all I could, and reading up on the remedies that I thought might help.


I kept sticking with what worked for me, and let go of what didn't.  I was in no mood to waste my time, money or energy on things that didn't work for me.  Somehow...along the way, the Sciatica I had managed to clear up on its own.


In '07, I took Rhus tox and that pretty much spelled the end of the Fibromyalgia for me.  I was considered Fibromyalgia free in Sept of that year.  In that same year I scheduled to see a neuropsych dr. because of having issues with my brain - it was determined through tests that there was moderate damage done to the front part of my brain either due to the chronic abuse, the auto accident, or the Fibromyalgia (or a combination of those).  It was my fine motor skills-set that's been messed up and this has not gotten better or worse.  There really isn't too much I can do so I just try to do the best I can.


From '08 to say '11 - I kept working with herbs...tweaking things to find what was just right for me.  In '11 I learned how to my my own herbal syrups - and there were two that I made - a Tonic Syrup which consisted of herbs like Astragalus, Eluethero, Echinacea, Elder... a lot of the adaptogenic herbs.  My other syrup was a Sleep Syrup which has a number of sleep herbs in...from Passionflower, to Lemon Balm, to Oatstraw and Skullcap...Chamomile and Lavender to name some.  This syrup I will probably have to take for a long time because it's the only thing that helps me get restorative sleep.  I haven't needed to take the Tonic Syrup too much for awhile but will start back up on it if only because it helps me with stamina and I've been doing a crap ton of energy work and it helps me get through that.  So that's where I am now...still use the essences, the arnica gel here and there, and essential oils.













End Fatigue

FES Essences - Fibromyalgia

Aromatherapy - Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Advocate

But You Don't Look Sick - Spoon Theory

Prescription for Nutritional Healing - book

Prescription for Natural Cures - book

Prescription for Herbal Healing - book

Other Notes:

These are some essences I found helpful for the musculo-skeletal system:

Hugh Dickson Rose - Hummingbird Remedies

Body: Assists craniosacral, chiropractic work. Use topically to increase circulation, clear and release fossilized emotions in stubborn energetic constrictions of muscular/connective tissue. Enhances capillary action, red blood cell replication and function.
Psyche: Enhances positivity and hope, in relationships where attitudes and beliefs have become so hardened as to predispose rejection of new ideas and attitudes.

Atropa Belladonna - Pegasus Products

This elixir produces a powerful opening of heart, crown, and 8th chakras, which can release negative thought forms by dislodging negative imbalances. Most forms of body adjustment and alignment are assisted by this dislodging of thought forms stored along the spine and in the joints. Soul projection is assisted. There can be new insight into why you placed an obstacle in your life and how you can move beyond it. This increased understanding can ease karma.

(I have found, through doing some of my own research essences - that Willow, various varieties, is also good for flexibility.)

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Everyone should check out that spoon theory post. I've never seen a better way to explain the effects of chronic illness on daily life. I'm still working my way through the list but thanks a lot Captain for this sharing.

Yep :)

*bump for Demeter*
You sound like you're reading from my medical files Demeter! Hahaha! You know the sleep troubles I hsve. Mostly from pain and disturbances named Seymour. Not to mention my son who wakes me regularly around midnight because he wants to ask me something. Grrrrr.

I've been diagnosed with FM for several years and always thought it was a made up disease that do s hsve you when they didn't know what else to do. However I'm beginning to recognize classic symptoms in myself. Ugh

I've got to try the MSM etc for my joints. That might help the sleep and the rest would fell into line. I like some of the herbs in this discussion too. Might be helpful.
I definitely have cat-itis. Hahaha! It's one of my biggest allergens. I can't be around a cat for very long at all without allergies going insane. Haha! And I didn't test allergic to dogs but I'm sure it doesn't help matters.

Ditto on the tiredness and brain fog. There are times I don't know if I'm coming or going or even where I've been. Haha! And amen to not letting it stop you. I know things have certainly slowed me down a bit but I still do the best I can. And sometimes that isn't very good. Haha!
Wow. Magnesium is another one of those wonder drugs it seems! Haha! Demeter I bought a bottle of magnesium the other day and I can't remember if it is citrate or not. Bit was the best bargain, and the capsules were smaller than others. I have actwrriblevtije swallowing pills so that is the main thing necessary for me. I keep forgetting to take itching. Haha!


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