This is a little embarrassing for me to put this out in public but here goes. I have always had very fine/thin hair and I just had my second child 4 months ago. I have noticed the last month, I have been loosing a lot more hair than normal and I am even starting to see bald spots. Does anyone know of a herbal remedy that can help?

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Dont be embarrassed! I too had some issue with this. My solution was I got dreadlocks. But I do believe that the whole process of having dreads has helped my hair thickness. Stress causes hair to fall out. I used to stress ALOT over my hair! Dreads prevent that because they're dreadlocks! Nothing I can do now..they have minds of their own! ;) chemicals and over washing cause hair to thin and be dull/flat. I only use my own handmade soap (4 all natural ingredients) and I wash once every 2 weeks. And nope, they dont stink! Im not saying get dreads. But maybe work on your stress (babies cause lots of that!) Try grounding /centering daily. 5 or 10 minutes JUST FOR YOU girl. A glass of wine..a bath ritual. A hit or 2 of cannabis. Try stretching times between washes (assuming you wash daily) you will be oily for a few weeks but I swear it evens out. And im not saying go 2 weeks like me, but maybe once a week with a natural shampoo and once a week with ACV and baking soda (water them down!) Go easy on heat and styling. You can also make yourself a hair dressing of coconut and jojoba oil and aloe. Add ginseng, rosemary or even stinging nettle (a weed in your yard! Stops stinging after plucked so wear gloves at first) and massage into your scalp and leave on as long as you can. I hope the best for you my friend! Thin hair blows. Mine was literally the circumference of a penny when pulled in a ponytail. Now its as thick as my wrist! But thats all dread. Anyway..hope this helps. :)

I was going to try this myself. Maybe it will work!

Also I have been in contact with some lovely folks on etsy... perhaps they will be able to help with a natural hair tonic of sorts that will help with that sitaution

Are you vitamin A deficient? Perhaps maybe zinc or copper deficient? No need to answer, these are personal questions and just food for thought.
Pregnancy can cause hair loss after the birth of a child. The key is to look for regrowth. Is it growing back? If you're getting bald spots it may be time to see a doc.

I e seen online those who say putting coconut oil on the hair every day for some length of time causes it to grow faster. Not sure about thickness. I'll see if I can find a video for you.

Fish oil is also good for hair, nails and joints. A relatively inexpensive supplement. I would also make sure my diet is balanced. If you're nursing your child then you need super good nutrition. Having children is hell on us. I'll keep checking around to see if I can find anything else.

Let us know how it goes.
I found a video with some incredible claims that I'm not quite sure are true but I have read that coconut oil is very helpful for hair growth. This person also uses Amla powder. She says it's made from the gooseberry plant. Anyway, here ya go:

Lots of good benefits to this according to the maker of the video. I would have to try it myself before I believed it. I saw another video a while back and can't find it now of a woman who put plain coconut oil on her hair everyday for a month. She claimed her hair grew an entire inch in that month. So here's some stuff to consider. Hope it helps.
Split ends cause s lot of breakage and prevent the hair from getting long. A good trim periodically to get them snipped off helps too. Fish oil capsules really helped my nails grow and become stronger. I was quite surprised st that. Need to start taking them again.


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