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I am in dire need of losing weight. Let's just say that all my "big girl" clothes are getting too small. I know that exercise and a healthy diet are paramount to weight loss, but I am wanting to get a double whammy by adding herbs to the mix.

In my cursory research, I came across the following herbs for weight loss and/or appetite suppression:

  • Amla
  • Astragalus
  • Fennel
  • Fenugreek
  • Guggal
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Wheat Grass

I was wondering if anyone here has had a positive experience with these herbs, or if they know of other herbs that are also helpful.

Thank you for reading, and double thank you if you comment!

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Hi Silver Rain. Check the Tea Blends page here;:


Seems fennel is an option.

I would be interesting in knowing more about this, so as you get more info pass it on. And of course if I find anything I will also share

Have you tried ginger, cayenne (if you eat/like spicy) and turmeric?  Green tea is also supposed to help with weight loss, though probably not the bottled sugary stuff.  :P  Depending on your overall health, maybe some cleansing tea to get your digestion moving?  

I have been told by a friend who used this method and said it worked (how's thst for a disclaimer) that eating a teaspoon of cayenne pepper a day works. She said you get used to the best and it isn't all that bad. Apparently it revs up your metabolism and can assist in weight loss.

Thanks for reminding me of that Lady Light Seeker. I had all but forgotten it.
Yes. This is good.
Wheat grass and fennel are great. It is not necessarily for weight loss but infusing oil with basil or rosemary (plus your intention) and using that in your cooking as a butter or dressing alternative will cut calories. It is always nice to include your magical intention into your meal.

I was in a vitamin store last week asking if there is a supplement or herb that helps reduce carbohydrate cravings, as I love sweets and comfort foods and tend to be an emotional eater. The attendant suggested chromium, which is supposed to help with leveling out your blood sugar. I've been using it since then and I have noticed that I crave carbs less than I used to.

IMO Stay away from stimulant herbs which will at first boost your metabolism and quench your appetite, but then you will probably end up becoming mildly addicted to something that eventually may actually increase your appetite, wreck your adrenals so that the stimulant does the opposite of what it originally did. I would also stay away from diaretics as they can be hard on your organs and can cause you to pee out nutrients. Eat lots of fruit veg and legumes and grains, whole foods-legumes help you feel full longer. Drink water and green tea. If you eat meat/dairy make sure they are not pumped up with growth hormones. Walk, running can actually increase hunger; long hikes are scientifically proven to be the best. Yoga is great too. Peace and success to you.


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