I am currently pregnant and have been seeking information of herbs that are safe to use during pregnancy. This information you find is dizzying.

I suffer from: Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Blood clotting disorder, Diabetic Type II, Hypertension and a host of other ailments.

Right now I depend on a heating pad, meditation, very few medications from the doc, and my own experimentation. 

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I'd say willow bark, but that is how they make aspirin and anyone who's taken pain medication throughout his/her life would most likely need to eat the tree to get the effects.  

I believe devil's claw is also for pain, but I don't know anything else about it or if you can take it pregnant.

Thank you.  I did a little checking into Devil's Claw.  It is a good option to try but, sadly not one I can use during pregnancy.  Looks like a fantastic herb for my arthritis and bouts of gout.


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Willow bark is something I use for minor days as a tea.  Though I cannot use it during pregnancy either because of the blood thinning properties it possesses.  So far it seems I am down to eating Ghost Chilis and curry. 

I have read amazing things about de im's claw and have wanted to try it myself. I've been trying to concoct a "pain tea" for some time and have hit many roadblocks.

I have arthritis too and several other conditions as well. I didn't hurt nearly as bad when I was pregnant. My rheumatologist told me that pregnancy causes the release of the body's own pain killers and that was why I wasn't suffering as bad.

How much longer do you have to go Elora? Hopefully not long. I would like to explore the idea of a pain potion if you're interested. I tried it once before and it didn't go very far.

When you're no longer pregnant and if you should try the devil's claw, I've read that it has a very bad taste. Many put it into capsules and take it that way.
Hi again Elora. While closeting through email this morn I found a link to this article on pain relief herbs. I like the site a lot as it has so much information. In this one article they have collected ALL their articles on pain relief in one place. What a great thing.


Of course I don't know the safety of use of these herbs during pregnancy so be diligent in researching them. There's also some info here on making topical creams and such. Research h those as well.

If you use any of these please let us know how it works out. And as always, check with your health care provider before using anything.

Well, I was going to suggest curcumin (an extract from the herb tumeric), but just read that it's not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, and that it can lower your blood sugar (you mentioned having diabetes).

Anyway, it's an anti-inflammatory that I use off and on and I find it helpful. It's not a miracle cure and doesn't get you loopy like a muscle relaxer might, but it's a nice alternative to store-brand NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories). I take lithium, and I cannot safely take NSAIDS while on lithium because it can lead to liver toxicity. The curcumin does me just fine.

If you're interested in taking it after your pregnancy/breast-feeding is over, I'd talk it over with your physician given that it has the potential to lower your blood sugar.


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