There are more great mines and souls then I can count who, by their very words, their deeds and writings, whether it is in a book or now on the internet or electronic devices who have contributed to the wonderful body and world of works and knowledge of Herbs that has been passed down though the years to us all. Most of the herbalists who were instrumental in recording the entire collective system of healing will never receive the proper recognition they deserve, but they can take good thoughts and healing to their hearts as they all will know we carry the seeds of their knowledge every time we take up a plant and use it as medicine or that of a healing food.


I am often asked for a mix of my teas, bars of healing soaps, tinctures and salves and ect…. for one use or another, I am as well asked for the healing aspects of cooking side with herbs. I smile when this is done, as the information I can give and have given has been passed down to me from many generations of my family and my family’s friends that is all written down, but many of these people are not those who are not even known to me since much was passed down through years before I was ever born. Much I have learned from schools and my professors who in turn learned it from the ancient generations passed through the times well passed our own.


But if we are ever to learn one thing from this group and its duty call to Herbalism, we all need to recognize that what we learn and pass on to others has been graciously passed down through thousands of years from people who gave us all the information that we now use today. I feel now that my decision to open this group was a good decision and its large membership growth has been a great benefit to us all and really needs to be freely shared.


May our group continue to flourish like all of our gardens need to be nurtured. If you only need a question asked and answered or wish to add to the discussion or add a discussion to the group, all members are welcomed. I am proud of you all, Keep up the great work.


Blessings to you all,


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I my Op, I dedicated it to our elders, So now I give you a version of and elder that has been around on this great Mother Earth for more years then we have been around.

The Elder Tree

The Elder tree in ancient days and even up to today's time and era has normally been found in lonesome Forest standing tall over all of its wild herbs that it gave wisdom to. After our ancient ancestors started to notice that where they found their medicinal plants at they also found the Elder tree. Our ancestors started notice as well the sounds of the wind carrying the voices and songs of those long past or so they thought! It was really the talking of the Elder tree passing on it's wisdom to it herbal plants that it protected and guarded.

Our ancestors thought it would be good to get a sapling of a young Elder tree and plant it in their gardens as well. Since about 2500 BC the evidence has shown that in ancient gardens that there was an Elder tree in the middle of most garden areas that have been found.

After remembering this story told to me long ago by my great Grandmother who was 100% Native American. I started doing research on this and sure enough I found that as gardens were being planted, a Elder Tree was planted in the middle of the garden. This also brought me back to the day I woke up totally Blind and found my way out to the back side of my property years ago. I could smell the Elder tree and many others around me, later after I ventured back into the woods, I found many wild Herbs, but they were all around in a circle. I thought back to the voice on the wind and the critters skittering around and then herd the songs.

I thought ok, I am going crazy, lol, but it hit me since I had a large piece of property how many others were around our other great Trees we call Elders as well. So I kept going a piece at a time and in over 23 days and 365 acres of my property I found 4 other sites like this. It made me wonder who had done this and why.

I went to the Courthouse to ask about my property and found out I owned the original owners property who founded my County I lived in. Now it was a much larger piece of property given to the man as a Land Grant after the wars and the family had all had a homestead on the property. So I only had 365 acres of over 2300 acres that were left and Five children of this family had built their own little homes were I found these Elder Trees and the wild Herbs at. I later found out that these people as well had Planted the Elder tree in the Middle of the Gardens to pass on it wisdom and songs to the other plants around it.

This a great Elder Tree nurtured it's young and protected the other plants from harsh rains and bad cold weather, but also taught the people and gardeners of my area about talking and sing to their plants the way I grew up doing. So I the need in not only passing on this great belief that is found in all cultures, but realize that the very thing we do here in this group is pass on our own wisdom to others like our Families, Teachers of the past I spoke about in my Op.

We all can learn from our plants and the healing they do for us, but we need to remember the songs of old and still talk to the plants and herbs while we remember those we all learned from.

If you have a story of such, please feel free to share here and or comment on this one.

Blessings to you all,


First i would like to thank and honor you, Tea, for all you have done and taught. This is a beautiful topic for this season. My mother's mother was very Irish and though I didn't realize it when I was young, she was my first herbal teacher. She also taught me many things I learned later came from pagan tradition, although she attended the Catholic church faithfully. We never got sore throat or cough medicine at Grandma's, we got horehound drops and crystalized ginger. Upset stomachs got ginger ale.  The lawn in the back garden was all chives. Honeysuckle grew up the chimney and on summer nights the scent filled my bedroom when I slept over. When I asked her why it was called honeysuckle, she said "Stick your tongue in the blossom. Make sure there is no bee in there first". It was sweet! As Samhain approaches my thoughts return to those who have passed over and all the wisdom they imparted but especially my Irish Grandma who preserved so much of the past for me. 

Thank you Angela, your story sounds beautiful. I to grew up with a story like this and well remember the Honeysuckle growing on my family's farm. Since I have now moved from my own farm I talked about above into a smaller home but still on a 1 acre piece of property I though I would start building my large back yard into a paradise of love peace and harmony that includes all forms of healing Properties. I have already planted my Honeysuckle on one side of my fence line were my neighbor is also an Herbalist and now a retires Apothecary Owner has planted his Honeysuckle. So the whole side of that area will be covered.

Now on the other side of the back yards fence I have my climbing Jasmin that I infuse into a oil for use in my soaps and lotions, perfumes and much more. By this I have my Caledendrum with my Pine Cone Ginger with is great to grow together and makes a nice soft lovely Lotion that your skin soaks up.

By my roses are planted with many of my Herbs like my St. Johns Wort. It just seems that many herbs and Roses are like by the same insects that help each plant out. There is so much more to tell about like my natural wild herbs that were found in my yard and now have a garden of their own like Ms Pat told me about. You see, even as a Master Herbalist and a student of the Herbal world Craft, I too still have much to learn from and that takes yours and all others help after my Daughter takes the Pic's for me to upload to you all to see and help to ID.

No matter what, we all will be students and continue to pass on our own wisdom as we grow more and more in this world of beauty.




Amen Sisters Tea and Angela! I remember growing IP with honeysuckle all around and it smelled so wonderful and tasted so good! I remember we would chew "sweet grass" for tummy a he's. I don't know what it was but we called it sweet grass and it tasted wonderful.

Thanks for the discussion Tea. It is indeed important that we honor our elders who taught us these things. Without them who knows where we'd be! You rock Tea!

Thank you Amethyst, I do truly believe that this world and Mother Earth was put here for us all to learn from, to enjoy and use in the easy steps we take as we track across her soil with our bare feet. She is beautiful and what we learn and take from her, I also believe we need to help nourish her as Mother Earth has nourished us and our ancestors over the millennium of years past. I found a nice passage I heard awhile back that always struck me in the heart and a good feeling I got from it. The person who wrote it was a mentor of mine years ago and she is still just as wonderful today. You will see the passage below, I hope you enjoy it.





“We need the Tonic of the Wilderness” said Henry David Thoreau. The Oceans, the mountains, the deserts, a wooded grove, all of which contain the Magic needed to restore the pure energy of a stressed soul. Mother Earth in all of her infinite compassion and strength has remarkable powers to restore vitality. Wash yourself in the pure Water of the streams, put your bare feet on the good Earth and her sweet ground, fall asleep in the arms of a ancient tree. There is good medicine to be found in nature. It is long lasting and it heals the body and soul. ~by Rosemary Gladstar~    

Hi Demeter,

There are North American varieties or subspecies but the European Sambucus nigra also grows here. This I know from a wine making and cordial class. The European one is the one to use for wine and cordials. There are some Asian subspecies used in Traditional Chinese medicine, too.

It's really a beautiful and useful tree. 


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