Say, after I have finished writing my HUGE herbal (I'm trying to keep it under 700 pages!), I'm going to turn my attention back to a book I started about four years ago--a monograph on potions.  I am curious....  What would you like to see in such a book?  What topics would you like to see covered?  What would you hope to learn or take away from such a book?  What would you perhaps NOT want to see discussed by such a book?  I was inspired to write such a book since there is really no single book, no monograph, available on the subject for those among us that are passional about magick potions!  During my initial excitement phase I bought one book, but it was sorely mis-titled, and the author didn't seem to know what to write about, nor had they much apparent experience in the subject.  Indeed, the author seemed to ramble on about unrelated subjects--as if they didn't know what to write about--and there were hardly any formulas within it, other than an occasional recipe for a tisane, or herbal tea!  That wasn't what I was looking for in the least!  So, I have long-since wanted to write my own, BETTER book on the subject to do it justice!  When I write my Preface I really *should* buy another copy of that unfortunate book so that I can clarify more precisely what led me to write my own book on the title, since it has been at least ten years or more since I had read it!

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Actually, I have almost all of that covered (or I had planned to)!  Well, the history of the Potion, anyway, though my book doesn't discuss potions within contemporary literature.  And albeit I am writing a herbal, my book on potion will feature a paired-down herbal as well with lots of other goodies.

Can you please clarify by what you mean when you say that, "if you are showing how to make a certain potion, then pictures can often help".  I'm not sure that I follow, since the instructions for making each formula, which will be largely identical, will be given at one potion in the book.  I'm not sure it'll be necessary to repeat it several dozens of times for each individual recipe after all.  It's be boring to read the same instructions, I think, and an utter waste of space, as well as paper and ink for my publisher.  ;)


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