Glad to be a part of a group with like-minded interests. I'm a certified Master Herbalist but that's a secondary part of my work with herbs. I mainly grow them because it feels right. The plants complete me. The health benefits I received from my herbs is merely an added benefit. 

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Merry Meet Enola,

I love gardening too. I come from a long line of farmers who kinda passed it down to me. I'm not great at it, but I love it anyway. It connects me to the earth and that feels right. My lavender is finally starting to grow and the lemon balm is going crazy right now. I'm pretty good at growing herbs and flowers but veggies....well not so much. LOL. 

I've finally found a bit of success with my lavender. Wanted to grow it in an indoor pot but it didn't like the inside of my house and the attention I was giving it. I finally got a plant and put it outside on my deck, kinda turned it loose. This was the fourth plant I've tried this season and it looks like it will win. I've got some lemon balm starting. Hoping for luck with it. It's sprouting well so I hope that's a good sign. Veggies are a no-go for me. The soil here is crappy. The only thing that will grow to an extent is squash and zucchini and even then... well, the critters eat the blooms and so my veggies never grow


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