So I was out in my garden. And a rose that has returned to its wild state each year gives rosehips quite small sized which are almost no flesh full of seed so I leave those for birds and sometime visitor pheasant in my garden. One side of rose shrub faces window the side that is in full sun has way bigger rosehips this year. I notice it and first I think I must be still be with my indoors reading glasses. But no they are indeed big. I picked a few and picked one of the normal sized ones and is like 3x as big. Has anyone noticed same thing?

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That's interesting. I've never noticed that before but I don't have any rose bushes to dwell upon. I like roses. The thorny beauty and all.

The yellow rose of Texas I had not heard that song in decades. The rose is a yellow rose which turned wild as I did not have a chance to prune it few seasons and then with the rosehips and the birds feeding on them I left it like that each year it has more rosehips and now the sun side with the supersized rosehips. I was looking yellow roses/rosehips videos on Youtube and got the song above suggested. 

I have or had a small white rose in a pot on the patio but the recent many heatwaves killed it off. In my garden/yard I also have a big old variety bourbon rose Zephirine Drouhin deep pink marvellous rose scent but the many blooms do not last long I get the roses and dry them for rose petals which retain the scent very long. I have some from 2 summers ago that still are fragrant. I prefer scented roses.

I like scented roses also.


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