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Botany in the News 1 Comment

We often find interesting articles or videos about botanical plants that may or may not have to do with healing herbs. This is a good place to post anything you think might be of interest to the grou… View »

Spiritual/Magical Uses of Herbs & Plants 4 Comments

While the focus of this group is healing herbs and their medicinal use, occasionally something gets posted concerning the spiritual or magical use of these herbs. If you have some info that fits into… View »

Gardening info, tips & Techniques 8 Comments

We must have a garden to grow our healing herbs, right? All information pertaining to the garden itself should be posted here. Soil conditions, composting techniques, amending the soil, companion pla… View »

Specific Conditions & Herbs to Help Treat them 25 Comments

There have been many inquiries as to what sort of treatments are helpful in easing the symptoms or the disease itself. REMINDER: This is not medical advice or treatment. This is just a collection of… View »

Techniques 14 Comments

Need to know how to make a tincture? Dry your herbs? Make a salve? If you have a tip or a suggestion or question on how to use your healing herbs, please post it here View »

Tea Blends 15 Comments

This is the place to add a special, or not so special tea blend! Please tell us, if you know, the healing properties of the herbs included in the blend or the purpose of the blend. I love tea and am… View »

General Herbal Information 23 Comments

This page can be used to post general herbal information on any healing herb you like. It's always a bonus if you tell us how it is used as well! View »

Cold & Flu Remedies 20 Comments

Cold and flu season is quickly approaching. I thought it might be a good idea to post any cold, flu, cough, stuffy nose (you get my point) remedies you have here. There are many different remedies ou… View »

Recipes! 26 Comments

Cooking is a wonderful way to get healing herbs into our bodies. If you have a recipe to in luxe healing herbs, please post it here. Tell us about the herb(s) it contains and what they can do for us.… View »

Herbal & Botanical Books 8 Comments

Just trying to house common topics in one place. We have several discussions dealing with good herbal books so I am going to list them here for easy accessibility. If you have a favorite book on herb… View »


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