Ack!!! It dearly pains me when I cannot find recorded folk-lore and cultural folk-magickal traditions and customs to substantiate the use of a particular herb! It's like being confronted with a question or a problem that I cannot answer, and that drive me cray-cray! LOL! Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis), for example, I have often seen touted as a herb one may use to conjure wealth and prosperity, *perhaps* merely from its bright golden color (period). Assigning a herb specific magical virtues merely because it is a similar color to other golden herbs, like yellow dock, makes me uncomfortable because, while the sun can draw wealth, it can also confer healing energy to one's spell! So, such a methodology seems a bit "lazy". Perhaps it's just me and my questing mind, but I don't think that Herbal Magick should be ***quite*** so generic! :P Some have even gone much farther and said that "folk magick references" to the herb (without identifying an author or publication) associate goldenseal with Second Sight and divination, as well as clearing the mind and overcoming obstacles to financial difficulties! :P (Where did they pull *that* from?!) However, I require something a little more concrete... ;) #WitchRant #WitchProblems #ScholarProblems

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