Welcome to the Goddess & the Tree: Qabalah for Pagans! We are certainly glad to see you here. This group deals with the Qabalah, the Tree of Life as well as the World-Ash Tree of the Norse, the Yggdrasil. We will not talk about angels or demons, since they are so loaded with Judeo-Christian meaning, but gods and goddesses. We'll talk about the construction on the Tree, and the mad Abbott's own role playing game the Tarot & the Tree. We encourage you to share your research on the topic from a Pagan point of view. We encourage you to talk about your thoughts about role playing on the Tree to see if our thoughts match, if we're on the same page. We should also discuss the Goddess Binah, or her other name Aima. We'll talk about the paths, and the Major Tarot trumps that are assigned to them. We'll talk about the ten Sephiroth. We'll talk about the four realms and the Tree in each. We'll also talk about the Qlippoth i.e. the dark tree, and the Abyss. Remember that Da'ath is in the Abyss, it is not the Abyss. Also Tzaddi is not the Star, but the stars. We'll also talk about the Qabalah and color. What do the colors mean? What is meant by the King Scale, the Queen scale, the Emperor scale and the Empress scale? Everyone has an opinion about these scales and these colors, what is yours? We'll also discuss gematria and notaricon, the importance of numbers to the Tree.

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also the correct spelling for Kabbalah is with the K not the Q or the C but K
also it can be spelled Cabala, Kabala, and how you spelled it. but it is a Jewish system of theosophy, philosophy, science,magic, and mysticism developed since the middle ages, and comprising an important part of Western occultism. and the preferred spelling by scholars is Kabbalah.

oh and btw George L. Hersh

1. Kether - supreme crown
2. Chokmah - wisdom
3. binah -understanding
4. Chesed - mercy, greatness
5, Geburah- strength, rigor
6. Tipharareth- beauty, harmony
7. Netzach- victory, force
8. Hod-splendor
9. Yesod- foundation
10. Malkuth- kingdom

those are the sephiroth and their names and aspects.
You are wrong about the spelling. In Hebrew it's spelled Qoph Beth Lamed, so we render it as Qabalah. The Christian version of it is spelled with a K or a C but we are NOT Christians..
I hope more people join and start discussions. This sounds interesting!
Hey, is anyone still alive in this group? The most recent reply was 2008, it looks like :)
I just joined, and am very fascinated by Kabbalah - would love to chat!
I was introduced to Qabalah through magickaschool.com in my pagan studies. I find it very fascinating myself. I am presently taking a Tarot course and seeing how Qabalah and Tarot mix. Still lots to learn and incorporate into my life. I hope this group will give me some needed insights. Blessings.
I was introduced through Christopher Penczak's book The Temple of High Witchcraft. I drew a picture of the tree on separate sheets of paper and added pictures and words of the correspondences. I can post it here if you would like.
Please do, would love to see it.

My name is Follower of Kali and I'm interested in this group. I really would love to hear more about the Qabalah and which gods and goddess are connected to each part.
Ok. I'll get my partner on it, and we'll see what we can do. We're working on The Ultimate Guide to the Tarot, a book which will go into all of that.


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