I got this statue at Ross and though I left it behind three times, I felt compelled to come back and purchase it. Was wondering if you all could identify who this is? I am assuming cleopatra but I am completely novice in terms of knowing who Egyptian gods are. Any help is appreciated.

Sorry it's really crappy picture, found it on the web. This is the statue, if not closest to the statue, I could find. Almost looks identical.

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Hi;  Although the form appears slender, the headdress and lack of developed breasts suggest a male figure.  The basket glyph often means "all" or "Lord" or "Lady".  If I owned or received a piece like this, my interpretation would be that Antinous, a demigod of lovers and shaky but precious relationships, is reminding us not to take the messenger for granted.  If one cries out for love and Hathor answers, some human may deliver it because he or she feels able to do so, as a favor to the goddess.  Thus, it seems to challenge us to remember that love may consist largely of affection and consideration, but always depends upon a platform of respect, especially if divine favor is involved in our receiving kind attention.

Your image (Left) is that of a 'Male Servant' and is more Vintage in nature and style - one tone colour in the metal ?? Presents a natural 'realistic' pose, hands positioned in a natural flow - basket slightly leans to the left as expected.....a 'powerful' presentation.

The same charactor is depicted on the right 'Male Servant' in the Resin, colourful style...more elaborate - changes to the base and basket..... different hand positioning - almost a rigid stance...less 'powerful'...


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