I don't know if any of you have heard this but this freak of nature, can't even pronounce his name, is threatening to blow up the pyramids, statues, and anything else that's part of Egyptians past. Even King Tut and the glorious dead might be targeted because they were once worshiped as gods. This is what happens when people no longer care about their past, or pretend that they do for the money, and having this man state that he wants to destroy the pyramids and other monuments is just plain dangerous to the past and what we understand of it.

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That is horrible!!! Who is the bastard that wants to destroy the pyramids?

Hi; This is why it is best that we learn all we can about the Old Ways, if we have been called by the ancestors and the nTrw to follow and practice them.  There are a lot of people in Egypt who care about the past, but the religious fanatics called the Salafists continually plot to destroy the ancient Heritage in the name of fundamentalist Islam.  Most Egyptians do not favor this, but determined people can be quite destructive, as we saw with the massacre at Deir el-Bahri, some years ago.  President Morsi had a lot of sympathy for the Salafists, but he was removed after a year by popular demand, as he was more of a crime boss than someone who wanted Democracy.  The majority of Egyptians try to protect the past, but they have ways that are mysterious to those who do not live in the Beloved Land.  While they are keeping up their end, it is up to Reconstructionists to continue to pursue a modern and devoted form of the ancient faith.  All humans came from Africa, and most of the humans outside Africa came through Egypt.  Egypt is at the root of Western Civilization, but there remain many insights and talents that the ancient scribes possessed that moderns have yet to really acquire, with few exceptions, perhaps like Joseph Campbell.


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