I firmly believe, and I heard this from another member of another group, that Wicca has no business being apart of Kemetic. Kemetic is the religion of Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian people. I personally believe that Wicca has no place within the Kemetic religon. This is my view of the Kemetic religon. I'm a follower of Isis but I'm opened to adding other Gods to my altar.

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I agree , Hermione... I see no reason to add wicca to my egypt faith either.:)
Double totally agree. I've seen video of Wiccans that have added Egyptian Gods and Goddess to their altars and they have their Sabbaths and such. They have their pentacles as part of their altars when it's clear that the Egyptians never had pentacles as part of their religion. Their Gods and Goddess was as real as breathing and was very important to their life and their hopes of an afterlife. They don't even read about the Egyptian people or anything before doing this.

Gods, above, what is their problem? I've been reading on the Egyptian people since I was a little girl, and I'm talking about those thick books written by people with more education then I do, and I know more about the Egyptian people and their beliefs then the Wiccans do. Wiccan rape other cultures and don't even read. Also the Goths were actual people that from the 3rd to 6th century A.D were a very powerful force in the Roman Empire. The Goths were the first Germanic people that converted to Christianity.

Those that say that their Goths should really read about what they represent. If their really a different kind of Goth then they should just call themselves 'weird' instead of calling themselves something that represents everything that their probably against. Personally I don't understand why men have to wear makeup that makes them look like a stupid moron that are trying to shock the hell out of people.

I'll keep the Kemetic faith thank you very much. Thanks for your comment and I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about it and if I've offended you or anyone that you know that's Goth. I'm just making a historical point.

On the contrary, the pentacle does exist in Kemetic iconography.  It is called 'seba' meaning "star". http://www.egyptianmyths.net/star.htm

Mwt Nisut Imakhu teaches how the pentagram is a Kemetic symbol here: http://www.truelivingwaters.org/Kemetic_Origin_Witch.html 

Sopdet is the star of Aset.  Satet wears the star on her head and the ancient Kemites built their whole calendar around the rising of Sopdet and the flooding of the Nile.

The chalice is a symbol of Nebt-Het (Nephthys).  There are plenty of wand-carrying neteru in Kemetic art.  Swords and daggers were also part of Kemetic life.

Ellen Cannon Reed did a pretty good job marrying Wiccan concepts to Egypt.  To say that Wicca has no business adopting Egypt is like saying the Greeks had no business changing the Kemetic god names.  It's been done.  

My concern is whether people who work with the Kemetic gods fully understand what they're doing and are doing their homework, or are they working with the neteru because it's 'cool'.  The same can be said for any pantheon that a Wiccan chooses to work with.

Em Khut en Mer (In Love and Light),


The Chronicles of Sefek

I didn't know that. I always looked at the stars that were painting on Egyptian walls and saw them as stars. What I'm more thinking about is the pentacles that are wore around Wiccans necks or on their altars. I think I'll do a hand drawn Egyptian star and hang it on my wall to remind me that one day I'll be joining the eternal stars.

I know that alot of wiccans do kind of mix and match with the god and goddess types that they use...It just confuses the crap out of me and would seem like a dangerous practice because i believe the gods and goddesses are real and would exact their vengeance upon any one that displeases them by including them in for example a spell that goes against the nature of a particular deity. Like i wouldn't call on a god of the underworld for a happy love spell and would expect disastrous consequences if i did that. It does seem like people dont do the research before they just do spells and incantations and such out of a book. I like to study myself and am hoping to learn more as i go, especially when i get paid and can order more books(ya!).I've read alot too and appreciate others that do. Wishing you luck today and blessings for the new year, from Jackie
I agree with what you've said. Personally Kemetic is a lot prettier then Wicca. And you can go to Egypt and get such an experience from going there.

I agree with you, it is dangerous. I'm going to do a altar update so that you guys can see what I've been doing. I've got a lot more statues now then I did some time ago and sorry guys for not being on, thought I was moving in April. However I'm moving but it maybe June or July.

I'd love to go, but may never get there except i can hope to be among the pyramids in the afterlife.
Wow--maybe this really isn't the group for me. I thought that because 2 Egyptian Gods chose me, knowing what I believe as a Wiccan, that I might be welcome among the Egyptian faith. However, it would seem that the Egyptian faith is a lot more closed-minded than Wiccan faith is. I see people talking who clearly--since they didn't bother to ASK anyone--don't know or understand the first thing about who or what Wiccans or Witches are. Their fingers fly over the keyboard without thought for who might read. I would think that tolerable Gods (who as I stated clearly chose ME for some reason I have yet to understand, but am grateful for nonetheless) wouldn't look quite so kindly upon that.

I suppose I am simply naive to think that others would look upon the world with my eyes in thinking that one should get along with his fellow human and not try to wage war, whether with sword or with pen (or in this case, with computer). I am so sorry that I chose to join here and to attempt to share my own beliefs with people who I THOUGHT might welcome me with open arms because we have something in common. It is not WE who have the problem, but you...
Sorry about that and I hope that you accept me as a friend. I just had a really bad experience with Wicca but it doesn't mean that I'm against those that practice. I personally believe that the Egyptian Gods speak to everyone, weather we choose to listen or not, and I didn't mean to insult anyone. I just stated my opinion and got replies. Thanks for telling me how you feel and I do hope that you stay and enjoy this group. I'm going to post new topics and I hope that I get good responses. Thanks.
Well, we can worship any deity we choose or are drawn to, so wiccans have the right to worship Kemetic deities. They cannot be both, mind you, Kemetic and Wiccan, they must choose one of the other, or even do on their own path if both of these faiths reject them.

I, for one, am a devoted follower of Isis, under Her great title "of One (or Ten) Thousand Names", in which case, I technically worship One Goddess, whose faces are seen all over the world, since the Dawn of Religion. I hope that you do not hold that against me, seeing that you are strictly orthodox in you Kemetic Path, especially on the count of how I view the (male) gods, even Kemetic, as not "deity" in the same way as Goddess is.

I hope that you look on my beliefs kindly as I do your own, and I also look forward to what we can learn from one another.

Em Hotep
Thanks for putting your views out there and I totally agree with Isis being the goddess of ten thousand names. I'm a follower of Isis and love using her in my religious beliefs. Once again thanks.


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