I firmly believe, and I heard this from another member of another group, that Wicca has no business being apart of Kemetic. Kemetic is the religion of Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian people. I personally believe that Wicca has no place within the Kemetic religon. This is my view of the Kemetic religon. I'm a follower of Isis but I'm opened to adding other Gods to my altar.

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Comes from within what?  A sect claiming to speak for other sects?  When I joined an establishment of purportedly Authentic Egyptian Religion, it had incorporated in 1970, but had no black members.  But, there was no doctrine prohibiting it.  Kamitic is a word coined by RaUnNeferAmen, and I went to one of his meetings at a neutral location.  I didn't speak to anyone, but neither did they turn me away.  There are a lot of people who tag themselves as Kemetic, but are more interested in having an all black group than an Egyptian religion group.  One finds similar things in most denominations of most "faiths".  I think that it is important to remember that Egyptian religion was and is about the deities.  An Egyptian temple was the house of a god, not the house of a priesthood.  There are traditional and there are new rituals to celebrate the beneficence of the nTrw, but Egypt was never a racist culture.  They were xenophobic, though, as they depicted black Africans and white Asiatics as foreigners to be subjugated, especially on the soles of their sandals, so they could walk upon their images and so forth.

Hi; Decades ago, before there the FOI got big or the CES published a bunch of essays or the HON or its tributaries began functioning on the Internet, there were what we called Egypto-Wiccans.  I don't know that they claimed a lot of authority, they mostly invented new blends of shamanic practice.  If one were going to give money to a functioning Kemetic temple, I would think that that temple would have to demonstrate a lot of knowledge of scholarly sources.  Egypto-Wicca, as you suggest, seems to have been more as branch of Wicca than a branch of Kemetism.  Years ago, my Ra priest and I were asked by a Wiccan group to give a talk about Isis and Osiris as part of their ongoing study of pagan entities and history.  I didn't sense anything amiss or disrespectful.  But, that is basically it, isn't it?  If people really respect the deities, then they will respect the traditions and priests in a conscientious way.  I wouldn't want to discourage Wiccans from coming to Kemetic meetings, unless there were some kind of breach of etiquette, you know?  Ultimately, though, outside of the land of Egypt, it seems to me and most of my Egyptian pagan acquaintances through the years that the gods choose you.  Synchronicities, serendipities, and shamanic types of experiences guide the votary on the path.  And, as in Hinduism, it is best to study, practice, meditate, and rely on scripture, fellow student, and experienced teacher, as well as the testimony of ones own intelligence and experience to guide one to an ever better understanding of Maat.


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