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This Group is dedicated To the Goddess Hecate The Bright Mother/Maiden .We will not be discussing her darkside but the much forgotten Blessed Bright Mother that be....."Now hear come brightly coiffed Hekate", "Most honored"...."Bringer of the Children who see the dawning of the morning's first light"  As a humble practitioner, and one of her Hectite Children .I Welcome The Enlightned Child

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This is a life times work in progress i have spent several sleepless nights and driven by something a force to bring this and her To the light .You  look upon The goddess Hecate/Hekate in books or the internet you see a dark dread goddess not how the beautiful Hecate was in the beginning ! No other Greek deity attracted such atmosphere of 'evil and debased superstition' how did Hecate become transformed from a popular, bright young Goddess into a dark and terrifying hag? Perhaps we will never know for certain, but there are some fascinating clues. The goddess Hecate Is a beloved yet dreaded Dark goddess and has been there for many  to help her children but i believe she can and will be again our Bright Star of the morning . The Goddess Hekate has in fact filled my life with so much light and love, while also awakening me to a very special understanding of what I am to do here in this lifetime, so as to denounce the majority of what is believed to be true of her in writing, and brought clarification to what is to a point true. Mother of Darkness and Mother of Light, all aspects must be embraced completely and thoroughly, and balance must be sought as a person and magickal practitioner as this happens. What i wish to do is form a group of like minded devotees to create a new way of worshipping the goddess Hecate not only the dark banishing moon or of Samhain and at night But also In the dawn of the new day/ The First crescent moon as maiden/bright mother phase . Create new rituals poems hymns etc . She has been known as a nurse to the young/tenderhearted/a savior of crops in summer from storms . An alternative derivation, 'most shining one', is borne out in representations of Hecate from the forth century BCE which show a young goddess of both beauty ; power, carrying a torch ; wearing a headdress of stars. 'Hecate' is the female equivalent of 'Hekatos', an obscure epithet of Apollo, with whom She is sometimes associated. she has also been known as Hecate Titania fairy connection . We are only touching the surface Lets discuss and do more . I hope you will give this some soul searching and see if this is somthing that will interest you Blessed Be

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NEw Moon Chant to Hecate

Started by Lady DANU Faery MOON. Last reply by 0qimz3txgneeg Feb 7, 2012. 1 Reply

I found this on  a website i can't take the credit for but this is a great start for a chant for a lighter aspect  of Hecate  Original version by the late Scott Cunningham included the name of Diana.…Continue

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Comment by B on October 24, 2014 at 7:28pm
Hi I come here because she came to me in a dream and I've been fighting her for a while my high priestess once said that hecate was my Patron goddess but I didn't listen until she has started recurring in my dreams a lot so here I am. MM
Comment by Ember Enera on March 5, 2014 at 6:14pm

Hello all. I have worked with Hecate since I was small and never thought of her as a dark old crone. It's beautiful to see this group!

Comment by BlackRaven on July 14, 2013 at 11:54am

The reason that she's depicted as a crone is due to Christianity. Hecate was being worshiped a lot longer than the other gods, who, by this time, had been forgotten. This is why, even though I understand that others do view her as a crone, that the view of her as a crone is an insult. I view it as continuing the lie that Hecate is a crone goddess, ugly, and to be feared. She's beautiful, full of light, and worthy of worship.

Comment by BlackRaven on July 14, 2013 at 11:52am

Thanks, poppa, but I went back there and she's not there anymore. I cried, because I wanted that statue. There's another one that's on e-bay, but I don't have the money for her.

Comment by Saxsondragon95 on July 11, 2013 at 12:20pm

what are the jewels of hecate

Comment by poppa_midnite on July 7, 2013 at 6:19pm

love that pic of the statue thats pretty cool

Comment by BlackRaven on February 17, 2012 at 10:47am

Moonlit Orchard, I was pretty surprised myself. Some of the statues out there have her as a crone or does something freaky and puts two faces on the back of her head. I liked this one, and I'll do a photo shot of it, as it shows her as a young woman.

Comment by Lady DANU Faery MOON on February 12, 2012 at 8:08pm

I just found the song stand by you on youtube great to listen to when you need to feel her around you

Comment by Lady DANU Faery MOON on February 12, 2012 at 7:54pm

I have saw those statues there beautiful i hope to get one also soon .I'm always looking for something new about Hecate I just ran across this website about Hecate i thought this was cute. A song of Hecate i'll stand by you ! named after the song title .

Oh, why you look so sad? 
Tears are in your eyes 
Come on and come to me now 
Don't be ashamed to cry 
Let me see you through 
'cause i've seen the dark side too 
When the night falls on you 
You don't know what to do 
Nothing you confess 
Could make me love you less

I'll stand by you 
I'll stand by you 
Won't let nobody hurt you 
I'll stand by you

So if you're mad, get mad 
Don't hold it all inside 
Come on and talk to me now 
Hey, what you got to hide? 
I get angry too 
Well i'm a lot like you 
When you're standing at the crossroads 
And don't know which path to choose 
Let me come along 
'cause even if you're wrong

I'll stand by you 
I'll stand by you 
Won't let nobody hurt you 
I'll stand by you 
Take me in, into your darkest hour 
And I'll never desert you 
I'll stand by you

And when... 
When the night falls on you, baby 
You're feeling all alone 
You won't be on your own

I'll stand by you 
I'll stand by you 
Won't let nobody hurt you

I'll stand by you 
Take me in, into your darkest hour 
And I'll never desert you 
I'll stand by you 
I'll stand by you 
Won't let nobody hurt you 
I'll stand by you 
Won't let nobody hurt you 
I'll stand by you



Comment by BlackRaven on February 11, 2012 at 8:42am

Me too. I found a statue of Hecate on-line that shows her as a young woman with two torches. I'm going to get her when I get down to Nashville and put her on my altar.


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