I've been in search for a physical pagan homeschooling group here in North Texas. I have two teenaged daughters who are in dire need of that social interaction with those of their own age but they both feel uncomfortable around the very over the top Christians that we live amongst. We live in a small town with the only thing to do is to go to Walmart which equals to nothing to do. LOL.


Does anyone here, living in Texas, know of pagan or secular homeschool groups in the area? I've searched the internet and found absolutely nothing.


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try looking at http://www.witchvox.com the look up texas, ther are lots of groups for teans, i know its not a home school group but you may be able to not only find a group of kids your kids can hang with but may be even some other home schoolers

there are about 15 groups for teens and 73 for familys


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