Okay... I am pregnant for the first time, and have been looking into the options for my child's education in years to come. (I know, I know... shouldn't be looking so far ahead and cross that bridge when you come to it and all that... I just wanna try to be more prepared when the time comes so that if plan A goes awry plan B is already in place).


I live in the United Kingdom and during my school career attended 6 schools. I also finished off in home-schooling.


I went to three different lower schools within the national curriculum, one I moved from because we were moving house, the other I moved from because I was suffering from severe bullying that a teacher saw was being encouraged by another child's parent, and the last (which I attended for 6 months and had perhaps the most positive impact upon my education) I graduated from.


I then went to a middle school, and after that my mother found an opportunity for me to attend a private christian school. I was christian at the time, this was not a problem despite some really rather stupid rules and a girl who used to pick on me because my parents were divorced. The individual-based education system they used, without the christian message, was extremely effective and I caught up on 4 years of mathematics in one half-term.


I then went back into the national curriculum for a upper school and promptly had a nervous breakdown leading to clinical depression and did not finish my secondary education.


Although my mother home-schooled me quite well at home for the last year of my secondary education I left without any qualfications.


The national curriculum failed me, it failed my partner, it appears to be failing his sibilings... and it is only getting worse.


So I had always intended to home school. Now that I am going to become a parent for the first time, I'm having to deal with the expectations of my partner's family and I'm not sure what their attitude to home schooling will be, anyone have any ideas on how I can approach them with it in a positive light?


Does anyone have any idea on how I can plan ahead a little for how to start homeschooling my child? How large an emphasis should I put on the paganism aspect? Should it just be in the background? Should it not be involved at all (something we don't talk about for the sake of Christian family members)?


Am I planning too far ahead?



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i dont think your planning to far ahead, im not even pregnent yet and i still pick up work books and every thing elase i can find on homeschooling. and as for your partners family if you plan on useing one of the state run programs (if they have one were you live) that may help them be more ok with it. as for the paganism part i feel it should be warked in as much as you feel is right, i mean you dont have to call it its own class but have it be a part of every subject you teach. (so if your child is lerning collers you can also use that as a spot to teach what direction the coller stands for and any other meaning tat coller may have.)
there are a few more groups on homeschooling you may wanna check out as well hear and there is a wonderfull book called Pagan Home Schooling by K. Madden.

if you would like i have a list if books from a pagan parenting workshop i just went to that i can post if you would like.

hope i helped some

blessings be
Thank you.

Unfortunately in England there is no state run programming for Home Schooling... mainly due to the fact that they frown on that sort of thing and there is one piece of legislation that is going the rounds in parliment waiting to be either rejected or condoned that may require all home schoolers to have criminal background checks. They seem to actively want to make it harder to keep your child OUT of state schooling, despite the fact that I know the system is riddled with flaws.

I could work in the colour system there, that could be fun for them.

I can't really buy any books write now, but if you could message me privately a list of books, I'll look into them and see if I can't get my mother (who is pagan now also) to help me get my hands on a few of them.

- Wolfish
i will gat a list togather and send it soon as i can
Hoping you'll get that list posted here. I'd be trilled to see it!
sorry i took so long. there is a really nice set of books called Learn at Home, they go from K-8 and you can find them on amizon.com. the summer bridge activities books are really nice as well they have pk-6. Daily learning drills goes k-6. there are lots of free web sites with work sheets. there is the k-12 online program. there is a book called pagan homeschooling that has some good info and nice activities in it.
Home Learning Year by Year: How to Design a Homeschool Curriculum from Preschool Through High School.
The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas: 500+ Fun and Creative Learning Activities for Kids Ages 3-12 .
Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills, Grade 1(they go up to i think 8th).
Early Education at Home: A Curriculum Guide for Parents of Preschoolers and Kindergartners .

these are the ones i own or friends of mine own and have told me are good.
hope it helps.
yaa! Thank you. there were several here I hadn't heard of, I'll check them out.


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