I am not sure if I posted this video already but I'm going to do it anyway I guess lol!

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Seems simple enough. I couldn't keep my mind on it as I was so damn distracted by that horn looking thing on top of her head. Did she really want her hair to look like that? Sorry Jason but you know I can't help myself... Lmao!

Yes I agree. The spell is a very good one but that hair is a little unfortunate lol!

That hair is a LOT unfortunate. And harmful to onlookers!

I have to tweak things and make them my own, and I'm not sure I coukd "pray" to xtian/catholic deities or Angels. I suppose a more traditional "spell" or working would be ok? I do like the working tho. Would be good to carry with you.

True. I don't see why one couldn't call upon different spirits.


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