Rootwork is another name for Hoodoo. It involves an understanding of herbalism and then using indigenous wisdom with regards to nature.

Roots are a vital tool to traditional hoodoos. Roots contain potent juju or good medicine; everything a conjurer could desire. Sadly, many plants are extinct, endangered or at risk. This must never be underestimated! Plants, like all life, are fragile. Since they help us, it is only natural and fair that we help them. Roots are the life source of a plant and taking a root is not like harvesting berries or leaves. Most often, roots don't grow back.

Whenever possible, we must use roots sparingly and carefully, especially if they come from an endangered plant. Once we harvest that root, we have taken a life and this is a grave and serious responsibility. Use substitute for roots whenever possible. John the Conqueror root, angelica root, Queen Elizabeth root and Adam and Eve root are important roots for a hoodoo medicine bag. It is possible to use these roots sparingly by using chips from the roots, releasing their magick in an oil or by pulverizing them into powder form. Once the roots are extracted into oil or powder form, other magickal ingredients can be added to boost the power. This will be discussed later but remember, in order for roots to assist us, we must look after their well being. Part of being a good conjuror is making sure that the plants necessary to the craft are not made extinct.


In the days of old, bones and parts of animals were widely used in conjur craft. They were plentiful. People regularly hunted them and used every part of the animal for food, clothing, shelter, warmth and medicine as well as magick. However, today many animals and plants face extinction. Encroaching humans take away the habitats of wild animals. There is no magick in harming others, human or animal. There are a few recipes here that call for feathers which can be obtained without having to kill a bird. Some recipes call for chicken bones or bone meal. People do eat chicken and chickens are an important sacrificial animal to the hoodoo. Use only what you need and what you have left over from meals. If you need chicken blood, visit a chicken farm, there are always incompetent people fudging the killing of chickens.

Negative energy is extremely counterproductive to Hoodoo work. In a New York minute, things that you send out into the world can be messed up and come riding on the wind or even a bird and land right back on your doorstep. Some people refuse to kill animals for sacrifice and this is fine, too, they use substitutes instead.

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